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Xeanderthal, he was a legend.

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    Xeanderthal, he was a legend.

    It's with an incredibly sad heart that I inform the UT3 community that Xeanderthal has passed away this evening. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cholangiocarcinoma in November, 4 months ago last Sunday, after falling asleep and dropping his laptop on his face (true story), he went to the emergency room for something urine related (he'd laugh at that) where he was diagnosed. It progressed very quickly.

    Xeanderthal was incredibly dedicated to UT3. I can't even being to tell you how many hours we put in together, and just him alone probably surpassed most (that includes his 100+ aliases).

    Xeander worked for Intel, lived in California, hated k1 (except Dresk), Marc, a5uperman, and IceWinsAgain. He leaves behind 2 daughters, a granddaughter, a crazy ex-wife (oh the stories!), and probably a very large porn collection, and the eXiled clan of UT3.

    Those that know me, know that I am not very good at posting stuff! But I want to express my condolences to his family and all his loved one's.

    I'm your typical boring person. I just get on and start playing, so we didn't know each other well enough, but we did play UT3 alot. He was very funny and never serious, and of course he did change his nick name at least once a day. He joined our teamspeak/ventrilo server here and there and was very nice to everyone. The world, not just UT3, can use more people like him. Many more!

    RIP, you will be missed.


      Thanks, Ginger. I barely knew him i guess but he was cool & entertaining when he would come in to the teamspeak that i was in.


        Not fair. He was entertaining, he likely was a nice person. Was a joy to play with him even with the lags/delay. A legend, he truly is. RIP.
        The first UT3 moment I have in mind with Xeanderthal was a random predicted loaded bio glob from the mid level in VCTF-SkyscraperNightFire towards on the top near the Redeemer. He was carrying the flag. Man, he was angry .


          My condolences to his family and his loved one's as well.

          I remember the first time I played with Xean as well. I was a new player and joined a warfare server and was carrying the orb constantly to the wrong node.....he was so mad.

          Always enjoyed playing with him.



            Yes you were, and yes he was. Oddly enough I do remember that as well . I has a part in all of us.



              My condolences to Xean's surviving family. Xean talked to me around Christmas time about the UT4 and how we were gonna rock that when it was released and talked me into downloading the pre-alpha ( Then he dropped the bomb about his having cancer. At first I thought he was joking (as he normally did just to mess with me). Xean and I had a lot of good times but as nice as he was, he could be quite the ******* which was often enough since that was one of his favorite pastimes. He loved causing people to RageQuit even more than being a frag champion. He was proud of his work at Intel (or maybe it was the ultra fast Internet speeds), and the daughters he spoke of often.

              You will be missed Xean.