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MSAA=true & CSAA :)

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    MSAA=true & CSAA :)

    UT3 has MSAA and thus supports CSAA

    Click image for larger version

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    I am probably the last to know this but ....i noticed that UT3 has MSAA=0 by default, although you can probably override AA using modern GPU functions (like NVIDIA Control panel) I might aswel post how to enable MSAA, since i can't delete the thread.

    Method 1:
    • Inside the "UTEngine.ini" add these two lines;


    Method 2:
    • Create a shortcut to "UT3.exe" >
    • "x:Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe" -dx10 -msaa -log

    Inside the "UTEngine.ini" you can set "MaxMultisamples=" to 2,4,8, 16. However, it will reset to 4 if monitor resolution or in-game resolution is changed
    ;Will reset to 4 if resolution changes
    - i have no idea why this happens

    AA/ MSA/ CSAA Information:
    The Geforce 8800 supports MSAA, i remember i had a 9800GT for ut3 when i started
    - This means that you can enable MSAA for UT3 and NVIDIA control can automatically enhance all MSAA surfaces using the newer CSAA method, thus CSAA is supported also

    • When CSAA is turned on in the control panel by the end user. The control panel offers users one of two options:
      1. “Enhance” mode: All application-created MSAA surfaces are converted to CSAA surfaces using the control panel-specified CSAA mode.
      2. “Override” mode: The control panel forces a CSAA-enabled backbuffer. Note that this mode only works for applications that render directly to the backbuffer.
    Full native support for this could be implemented by Epic very easily for both Directx9 and 10 and it would enhance visuals and image quality dramatically Someone ask Epic nicely
    ^^ this would mean we would not need to use Control panel.

    It is recommended that applications enable CSAA directly. The process of implementing CSAA is incredibly simple (almost exactly the same as implementing MSAA), and the benefit to your users is enormous; they get much higher image quality at almost zero performance loss, without the fuss and hassle of manipulating the control panel
    I have tested this and it seems to be true, basically 0 performance loss with improved Visuals, maybe 1 -2°+ on the GPU but i cannot confirm this to be true for everyone. Some of this AA stuff is still confusing me, especially since with have HDR scaling that supports UT3 aswel
    - I think its tiem we test all this new fancy GPU stuff with UT3 and tried to get some comparisons images uploaded.

    8 years on and still learning new stuff


      Nice Find.


        Thanks Hedsteem.

        Sorry to bump the halo thread vehicles off the hotspot again but i added some more useful information about changing resolution and would like people to upload some comparisons images to see if there really is any improvement.
        I am also curious about the latest HDR settings in the NVIDIA control panel and stuff like that
        Many Thanks