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New Unreal Tournament GAME forums!

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    New Unreal Tournament GAME forums!

    We've added forums for all generations of the game, so we hope you come check it out and join in!

    Good stuff & thanks for including the old ones but Where is Unreal 1998/ UnrealGold ? Tournament aside it should not be forgotten or left out (same for U2/XMP & the championships)

    Will you be migrating the Sticky Threads? Or consolidating the existing UT3 threads? keeping or removing this archive here?

    I don't mind started a thread "UT3 Stickies" and linking to the top sticky threads here, but it seems strange to have 2 Homes for UT3

    • Patch 2.1, Orbfix & Gamespy patch can all be consolidated into 1 thread "Important Patches" with an official Epic stamp.
    • Server Support/guide Threads are important
    • All community content can be left here i suppose

    Also what about PS3 support any news?



      You'll see me there!