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Need to know if UT3 will run

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    I finally gotten some senses and looking into building one myself after carefully observing oldkawman1's comment and the link he/she provided from I will make a separate thread about building a pc which I might need some help with.

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    Skippy I sent you a PM.

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    I used an Optiplex To level my desk once.

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    We had those Optiplexes at work. They are very cramped, literally desktops. Nice design for what we used them for, but not a gaming rig.

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    It is dated technology, I'm about to ship, roughly, 20 of those systems off to the recyclers for recycling (Work)
    But I plan on keeping one or two of them around as they do serve some purpose.
    Gaming isn't one of them. I'm sure you can get UT3 to run on systems like that but honestly, it's not worth your time.
    If you're really that hard up to play some UT3, send me a PM and I will get your shipping info and send you a motherboard(Asus), CPU(Intel), and memory(Kingston valueram) free of charge, as I said, I'm about to "toss" this stuff out anyways.
    It won't get any better then a core 2 duo. but it's on the same level as what you're shopping for.
    It'll give you a little more time to save money and do as Rumple suggested, grab something worth your time.
    I hear they're making a new UT shhhh, top secret

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    You'd be better off saving your money & buying something worth having. You can get a decent AMD 6 or 8 core processor for around $150 to $200 & a decent motherboard for half of that. I wouldn't bother with that ancient POS. Seriously. Buy a piece at a time & build something worth having.

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    I built my own and saved about$1000,00.
    But of course it can get expensive if you buy top of the line equipment

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    It should run with that cpu

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    If it can run on my 3 year old low end laptop computer, (which I recorded content on top of that), I'm sure it can run on anything decent on the internet now.

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    I would stay away from any Dell or HP desktop. These are cheaply made with **** components. They typically have 1-2 Gb ram and onboard graphics. Only propriatary Dell motherboards will fit the case. It's a throw away machine.

    Ebay would be a better place to buy used computers and components. Make sure you get one with a standard ATX case and power supply so you can install any ATX, mini-ATX, of micro-ATX mobo in it.

    When your on a budget, your best off if you build your own PC. Pic the right case and power supply so you can re-use them the next time. Then it's just the cpu, mobo, ram, and graphics card that you swap out when you upgrade. Many folks upgrade every couple years and sell the old components to help offset the cost of the new.,2601.html

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    Hmm. What exactly is your budget to spend? 1000$ ? 5004 ?

    What parts do you need?

    Can you use any old parts?

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    Originally posted by RattleSN4K3 View Post
    If the OS is "Vista" its an indication of an outdated system . Do you have any budget limit or like to such old systems?
    It was a typo error on my part, the system has Windows 7 Professional 64 on it. If you'd like to know, I do have a limited budget. I wish I could afford a Cyberpower PC lol

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    If the OS is "Vista" its an indication of an outdated system . Do you have any budget limit or like to buy such old systems?

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    Originally posted by oldkawman1 View Post
    Many of the ones I have seen do not have any slots for adding a video card. The ones that do have AGP. 10+ year old junk. Don't waste your money.
    That is good advise. I have found a different PC, this time a
    Dell XPS 420 Desktop Computer (Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 SATA 4GB SDRAM)

    Processor / Chipset

    • Number of Cores
    • 64-bit Computing
    • CPU Qty
    • Max CPU Qty
    • CPU Socket
      LGA775 Socket
    • Chipset Type
      Intel X38 Express
    • Front Side Bus
      1333 MHz

    Cache Memory

    • Installed Size
      L2 cache - 6 MB
    • Cache Per Processor
      6 MB


    • Technology
      DDR2 SDRAM
    • Memory Speed
      667 MHz
    • Memory Specification Compliance
    • Form Factor
      DIMM 240-pin
    • Features
      dual channel memory architecture
    • Configuration Features
      2 x 512 MB + 1 x 1 GB

    Environmental Parameters

    • Min Operating Temperature
      50 °F
    • Max Operating Temperature
      95 °F
    • Humidity Range Operating
      20 - 80%

    Hard Drive

    • Type
    • Capacity
      1 x 750 GB
    • Interface Type
      SATA 3Gb/s
    • Spindle Speed

    Storage Controller

    • Controller Interface Type
      Serial ATA-300
    • Channel Qty

    Optical Storage

    • Read Speed

    Floppy Drive

    • Type

    Card Reader

    • Type
      19 in 1 card reader


    • Monitor Type

    Multimedia Functionality

    • TV Tuner Type
      digital and analog TV
    • Digital TV Reception

    Graphics Controller

    • Type
      plug-in card
    • Interface Type
      PCI Express 2.0 x16
    • Graphics Processor
      ATI Radeon HD 2400PRO
    • Video Memory
      128 MB
    • Video Interfaces
    • Max Monitors Supported

    Audio Output

    • Type
    • Sound Output Mode
      7.1 channel surround
    • Compliant Standards
      High Definition Audio

    Input Device

    • Type


    • Interface


    • Technology
    • Interface


    • Type
    • Data Link Protocol


    • Device Type
      power supply
    • Nominal Voltage
      AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz )
    • Power Provided
      425 Watt

    Expansion / Connectivity

    • Bays
      2 external 3.5" x 1/3H
      2 (total) / 1 (free) x external 5.25" x 1/2H
      2 (total) / 1 (free) x internal 3.5" x 1/3H

    Operating System / Software

    • OS Provided
      Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

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    Originally posted by Unreal4Eva View Post
    I think it is an AGP board but not sure though. The link to this PC is here
    Many of the ones I have seen do not have any slots for adding a video card. The ones that do have AGP. 10+ year old junk. Don't waste your money.

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