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    few things i forgot to add:

    1. What time zone are you in?
    2. approx.when do you play?
    [i joined a few times but it was empty ]
    3. Are you interested in runnning a CTF server? - so i can compare ping/ stability

    CTF is the least populated game type, but i feel it can be the most competitive.
    The reason its empty? (i do not know), but i suspect a huge factor is the Stock maps, they are not great & it is easier for new people to get kills on "vctf-sh|t_maps"

    i would like to start playing again, but after 2 days being back i have already seen the same sh|t maps 50 times, hackers, campers, team stackers, insults, spawn killing etc..
    & on a rare occasion some sortv'e friendly faces too
    * the problem we have, sadly, was pointed out by the troll. we are preaching to the converted
    even Epic community server is empty 24/7

    even helping people on these forums turns into people not being able to take an outsider opinion and trolls spamming text.
    for a long time i was looking forward to new UT, but i can see what is going to happen and don't think i want to be a part of it.
    - people will continue this crappy behaviour whilst others slave away trying to improve stuff. then the game will be released and this sub-humans will join again.

    Please please please rumple, never release a map like rumple's arena ever again.. Please


      LOL reading all that makes me drop the deathmatch map i'm developing to priorize a CTF/VCTF map, which for me is fine, i was already planning make a my version of Suspense based on the visual of New Seoul from Cloud Atlas movie.


        Go for it. There are still people appreciating new maps including me.


          Arena of Death was my first UT3 map. The ORIGINAL was small & made for 12 players because in the beginning, that's about how many people from our community that had the game. For all the criticism & **** i got for that map, it turned out to be one of the most re-done UT3 maps. Our players suffer the same problem. Play the same maps over & over again. We have close to 300 maps on our VCTF server but the same 4 or 5 maps get played to death, which is why I rarely play VCTF anymore. That & I'm tired of the same linear gameplay. Don't blame me for Arena of Death. Blame the other 50 people that make remake after remake after remake, & the people that play the same maps over & over again.


            @ Rumple
            • I'm not blaming you
            • im just asking you to consider the fact that your work has had more of an influence on UT3 than everyone- else in the entire community
            • if you made rumple's arena for UT4 today in 1 hr. It would be there in 10 years time lool

            if anything its a compliment

            - p.s.
            i should add...My first map was truly awful and it was the most popular vctf map for about 1+ year (on our server, when it was actually popular ) ffs
            infact it was so bad that people hate me even today because it was so
            It's the reason i strive to try my best in some areas & the reason i can improve anyone's map no matter how experienced the dev. (visuals/ optimisation/ technical ability i will always find something).. because everyone was so hard on me


            why you not answer my Questions?

            - @ Revilition

            - CTF map yes please... but in my experience it is better to finish what you started with your DM map first... (which i have never done, i always change projects 90% through lol)


              I'm in central United States (central time zone). CTF is a dead sport. We have CTF maps on our VCTF & Greed servers. You can add CTF maps to VCTF by editing the UTGame.ini file. Change these settings:

              [UTVehicleCTFGame_Content UTUIDataProvider_GameModeInfo]
              PreviewImageMarkup=<Images:UI_FrontEnd_Art.GameTyp es.VCTF>

              Our VCTF server has active admins & if you notice anything funny from someone just ask about it in game & an admin will help you. I don't play any particular time. I rarely play during the week especially since I've been working overtime at my job. When I get home I'm dead tired & don't feel much like doing anything or I'll work on a project. I'm going to try to get a bunch of the Hedsteem VCTF players together one night & maybe get a few hours of play in. I'll post here when I get something set up. Sorry for not answering you. I didn't realize you were talking to me.