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Summoning Deployables in UT3 and the Titan Pack

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    Summoning Deployables in UT3 and the Titan Pack

    I don't know if this is posted anywhere else and yes I did a search but nothing there.
    One word of note:
    Make sure you have God mode on before summoning the Stealthbender or it will flatten you lol!

    Try this offline and NOT online duh. Here goes:

    Try these in the Console (F-10, Tab or ~)

    Normal Deployables:

    giveweapon UTGameContent.UTDeployableEnergyShield
    giveweapon UTGameContent.UTDeployableEMPMine
    giveweapon UTGameContent.UTDeployableSpiderMineTrap
    giveweapon UTGameContent.UTDeployableSlowVolume
    giveweapon UTGameContent.UTDeployableShapedCharge

    Titan Pack:
    summon UT3Gold.UTXRayVolume_Content
    summon UT3Gold.UTLinkGeneratorRed (if your on Red Team)
    summon UT3Gold.UTLinkGeneratorBlue (if your on Blue Team)
    and the last,
    summon UT3Gold.UTVehicle_StealthBenderGold_Content (better have Godmode on or it will appear on top of you and you'll die lol).

    Go have fun now!!!