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UT3 Epic code notes, silly comments & hidden stuff!

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    UT3 Epic code notes, silly comments & hidden stuff!

    While coding for the past 7 years I've come across some notes between developers that mostly still exist in the code for the game. I thought it would be fun to post the ones I've found & see if anyone else has found anything like this.

    I think I found this one in UTDmgType_ImpactHammer. I think this was taken out later on.

    * @todo: We want
    * [2007-04-17--13:54:47] msew@epic: so no gibbing but rip off some limbs and spawn those and then have the body go flying?
    * [2007-04-17--13:55:09] mattO: yeah maybe
    * [2007-04-17--13:55:29] mattO: like closest bone in the direction the vehicle is pointing, rip that off
    * [2007-04-17--13:55:36] mattO: or something
    * [2007-04-17--13:55:39] mattO: we can experiment
    * [2007-04-17--13:55:49] mattO: but I like the bodies flying around after you run into them so I'd hate to lose it
    * [2007-04-17--13:56:17] msew@epic: that makes sense.

    This one is at the top of UTVehicle_ShieldedTurret.

    * Once upon a time these turrets actually had shields. Really.
    * Copyright 1998-2007 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    Here's one from UTWeap_LinkGun.

    /** Holds the list of link guns linked to this weapon */
    var array<UTWeap_LinkGun> LinkedList; // I made a funny Hahahahah

    Old code that was never removed:
    UTAmmo_BioRifle - //@FIXME: class should be removed after maps have switched to Content version.
    UTWeap_BioRifle - //@FIXME: class should be removed after maps have switched to Content version.

    Hidden weapon: UTWeap_Physicsgun
    Enables you to pick up movable objects & rag dolls. You can set up a simple sequence in kismet to give you the physics gun.

    Unused objects:
    UTProj_FuryBolt. The Fury model actually has 2 small guns on the front. The fury on Hedsteem's VCTF & Greed servers have an extra seat that I made using the forward facing guns & the FuryBolt projectile.

    Thanks for sharing Rumple!
    These were fun to read.
    Curious about the Physicsgun.
    It would have been fun to pick up a broken piece of a viper and fling it at someone causing 10 dmg


      I found several funny code comments but I did not write these down.

      One thing which is funny, the german localization for the Impact Hammer when you pick it up. It doesn't name the weapon (like it does in english (INT)), instead it shows "Es ist Hammerzeit!" which translates into "It's hammer time!" (you can't touch this)


        No problem! It's always fun to find stuff left behind from the developers. I call it Unreal Archeology!


          Click image for larger version

Name:	Roudendedbot.jpg
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Size:	21.2 KB
ID:	3250832

          What does this mean?


            Exactly what the script is stating. The script asks what the a bot should do even when the game is already ended. RoundEnded is the state which is entered for the end scene in any game for the screenshot time.


              I like this one. I think Jim Brown or Martin dropped the ball because this is all that's in the list.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	TRBYHCG.jpg
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Size:	32.2 KB
ID:	3250833


                LOL! That is a GREAT find!


                  Just found this one in LightComponent:

                  "USER SELECTED:
                  settings that god knows what they do"


                    Haha I love these


                      Each named characters do have a description. Here are some funny ones

                      'Slak gublock kliss Blackfang guar'lll... miskat-na fa klee hass.'
                      Access Denied. Profile requires Alpha Level clearance and joint authorization from the USLMC Board.
                      01100010011001010110110001101001011001010111011001 100101
                      (which is believe)

                      Serial Number 231KTFRHJV57DKLJ
                      Database Error: Please contact your Administrator if the problem persists.


                        Just found this one testing some monsters. Apparently the Krall wear frilly panties under their loin cloths!


                          Originally posted by Rumplehedskin View Post
                          Just found this one testing some monsters. Apparently the Krall wear frilly panties under their loin cloths!
                          Yeah they do, i noticed this so soon as i choosed to play as Krall, if you feign death in the "correct posing" you can see that without any doubt.

                          But UUUUHHH, D'OH, dude, did you really needed take the screeshot "exactly" in this moment?, it looks very weird where you pointing out that Enforcer and how this green-krall is posing in ragdoll.


                            It was a titan i had just killed & he landed in that position.