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[TUTORIAL] Guide to a proper UT3 setup

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    [TUTORIAL] Guide to a proper UT3 setup

    Link :

    Hi all, i finished my guide on how to set up a proper UT3, so it'll be on par with previous titles (and even better )

    It's quite long as there are lots of things to fix/add, but simple if you don't just skim through it.

    If you ever felt UT3 was sub-par, but want to give it a chance anyway, or you trashed it a couple weeks after release because it was bad (and it was), or maybe you're just new to UT, just follow this guide and you'll get an awesome game, that can easily stand along the other titles of the series. This guide fixes all the issues with the release game except for the server browser.

    With this, you'll get a fast, fun, balanced and gorgeous UT to play. If you give it a chance you'll be nicely surprised.

    It contains info for the folder hierarchy, how to install maps and mods, a selection of single maps and mappacks (all fixing the issues with the Epic Games' maps), links to new characters/skins.

    There are also tutorials to tweak and customize your inputs, game and engine settings, fix the color issues with the base game (brown things all over the screen and effects you know ).

    Add to this great menu and IA mods, mutators, servers to play on, link to active communities, UT news and map/skin/mods websites.

    I've used resource and posts from multiple websites and forums, plus some from my own experience and put it all in one single place.

    If you find something missing, want to add on it, have a request or feedback concerning the guide, please let me know.

    Feel free to repost on other forums and spread it to change the mentality concerning UT3.