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Help with Direct2Drive copy of UT3

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    Help with Direct2Drive copy of UT3

    So, I'm super excited about a new UT coming out and decided to play my old copy of UT3. I uninstalled it a few years back and went to re-download and install it. Unfortunately, I bought it off of Direct2Drive which was bought out by Gamefly. Gamefly doesn't offer the game for download

    I haven't given up though. After checking my computer, I did find that I do still have all of the configuration files on my computer from my old install of the game. Looking at the UTEngine ini file, it does have a really long product key towards the bottom in a line like this...


    I read online that some people were able to use their old UT3 keys to activate the game on Steam. That would be awesome, but this key is encrypted. Anybody have any ideas for me on how I can get this working, or am I out of luck.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    D2D was bought out by gamefly, so you should be able to log into gamefly with your user account info from d2d and get the keys for your purchases. I just logged into mine and all of the stuff I have bought over the years is still there. If you are able to get your key from them it will activate on steam.


      Thanks Bubbaxm2! I checked out gamefly and sure enough, my key was there. Now I can once again enjoy UT3.


        Yay for enjoying UT3 again!!