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Gamespy Servers Shutting Down - Epic moving all UT servers in-house

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    What about the other Unreal Tournaments?


      Originally posted by Skillz View Post
      What about the other Unreal Tournaments?
      As I mentioned above UT99 and UT2K4 use a different master server and have been for a few years now


        nice to see the remaing die harders still rallying around this game. Haven't playe dlately because of the rest of my life, but saw a post about the gamespy ending support thing in an FB group and came over to see what was going on.

        I heart vegie! and all of you!

        Xean! hi!

        Ho! Ho!



        Extra Hearts for F1ak for dropping some official notice/info on us!



          REK! Stop by the CTF matches This Sunday.


            Originally posted by Bubbaxm2 View Post
            There will be no need to manually connect to servers. Once the servers have been patched you will need to patch your executable and the game will launch as if it always has. Create your username, log on and play. Nothing will look any different or need to be done any differently once you have patched with the exception of re-adding your favorite servers. The new master server will be at Epic's headquarters in N.C. rather than through gamespy and the patch will direct it to that one for your log in information. Yes I have tested this and yes I asked permission to post this reply.
            This is good news. I wonder if UT3 sold through Steam have a pre-patched executable? Or if there are any physical games still being made will they be patched?


              Originally posted by tarnationsauce2 View Post
              This is good news. I wonder if UT3 sold through Steam have a pre-patched executable? Or if there are any physical games still being made will they be patched?
              I don't honestly know how any of that will be handled, I am just a lowly little beta tester lol. I do know that the current method of patching will work with the steam version though but as I stated it is all done manually. I am sure as it gets closer to the time for this to go live more info will be available.


                Originally posted by Flak View Post
                UT3 is safe. We have an in-house solution and it will just require you to do a few steps locally to get it running. More info coming!
                Hey Flak - UT99 player here - could you give us any idea about what will happen to the other UT games in the series? I'm afraid NovaZzZ is misinformed, the GameSpy masterserver is the only remaining functioning masterserver from the original trio. Without that we're in real trouble. I know you're aware of how passionate the UT99 community is because you've often fought our corner. There are still just shy of 1,000 UT99 servers running and about 400-500 players at any given time. The competition side is still going strong too, despite the recent death of ClanBase, over at ESL and

                In short, there's a lot of activity and potential longevity in UT99 yet, but without a masterserver the future looks bleak. Thank you in advance.

                EDIT: just to clarify, the "masterserver" replacement Dr. Flay mentioned is not currently a viable alternative. It's opt-in for server administrators and UT clients. In other words, if people don't don't know about it, they can't use it - it requires server administrators and players to make changes to their UnrealTournament.ini files. Contemplate this. A large proportion of players and server administrators have no awareness of 333networks or experience in making these sorts of changes. It's being developed as a homebrew project and is untested on a large scale and not continuously online. It's a laudable effort to be sure - I don't want to minimize the work or achievements of the people involved - but it's not something we can turn to en masse at the moment.


                  Originally posted by Flak View Post
                  UT3 is safe. We have an in-house solution and it will just require you to do a few steps locally to get it running. More info coming!
                  Thanks for the official word Flak!


                    Actually replacing the masterserver info will be very easy for U1 gamers.
                    We have already tested a little mod that does the work for you if you are afraid of editing the INI file.
                    It will be no different than applying a normal patch, and it won't be an app running.
                    (BTW. Remember, those of you currently swapping to alternative masters, edit your default file, or disable the fallback option, so it does not reset to an obsolete list).

                    Not tested on a large scale is true, but it has been expected to need to change gear soon (Sooner than hoped for).
                    Saying it is not viable because people have to make edits, and register their server is simply untrue.
                    With any master server that does not already appear in the default list, it is already "optional".
                    Unless any of those domains are reactivated, somehow that new info has to be put on servers and clients anyway.
                    (Epic can reactivate the Umasters if they wish. That one has always been under their control.)
                    Server admins have to register their servers with alternative tracker sites already.

                    We brainstormed various improvements to the 333networks system, and one of those was to make it aggregate the info from other functioning masterservers, so it can support more games and standalone mods. Speed optimisations have also been tested, and we had it delivering the full list quicker than the Gamespy master.
                    When I say "full list" I also mean a bigger list than Gamespy serve.
                    The 333system is intended to be an upgrade rather than just a replacement.
                    333networks is not the only master or tracker, but it is the only one moving forward.
                    We will make every effort to make any transition as painless and easy as possible.

                    Due to the announced deadline, Darkelarious has posted a new thread in a few places.
                    Programmers and server admins can read more detailed info and access the GIT project here;


                      Are masterserver's like, expensive? I'm just wondering.


                        i,ve had a ut3 ps3 server running for years(clanwarz)..anybody know if our little ps3 community will be safe?


                          Originally posted by FuLLBLeeD View Post
                          Anyone who has been playing this game for the 7+ years it has been out is tech savy enough to edit an ini file to fix the master server the game connects too. I'm sure Flak will post this is the relevant places to alert people that they have to make a change. We may lose some Greed players in the process though.
                          I disagree, I know lots of people who won't touch their ini. I've talked to people who don't even know what GPU they are running or how to check. They have thousands of hours logged in but these things are Greek to them. Lots of people playing this game are not stereotypical geek gamers. The player base is mostly people that are over 30 years old.

                          The only bright side I see in this is, possibly lower pings? However we could also lose a lot of servers and players..


                            Originally posted by NovaZzZ View Post
                            Now my other concern, what if Flak is like;

                            "It's simple! Download a third party server browser software such as gametracker, find out your server's IP address, open up console, type in "connect 'IP'", then we are REALLY doomed.

                            I'm pretty interested to see what is going to happen, though. Hopefully this game gets a happy ending from Epic Games, and not a lousy one.
                            It would not surprise me. This game is 7 years old how much money and or time are they going to put into it. When the game was new they barely supported it.


                              Originally posted by Dr.Flay View Post
                              Actually replacing the masterserver info will be very easy for U1 gamers.
                              Yeah it's easy ...but the majority will not do it.

                              Now it's time to make a petition to free the source code of UT ...the newest Engine doesn't rely on the old U-script.

                              Originally posted by The Dane
                              Best shot with Epic is to convince them to release the master server scripts


                                I can't say I'm surprised about GameSpy going out like that, quite frankly ever since that crappy company Glu or whoever it was bought the technology side of the system it looked like curtains for it.

                                I don't think I play any games that use GS backend for the multiplayer other than UT3, luckily for me. Come to think of it I think UT3 was pretty much the last PC game I bought that did use GS. Oh well, life goes on, nice to see Epic still catering for the game though. Yea it's got some issues, and I can't say I'm a massive player anymore (haven't touched it over a year), but I keep it installed for those odd occasions that I do fancy a quick game of Warfare.

                                Actually, I'd probably have played a lot more often and not mostly given up on online play had I not been one of those marred by that forsaken duplicate login error, which I've always assumed was GameSpy's crappy system's fault. I paid for the game and registered my account on day one, but that error only started popping up in latter years.

                                If Epic's in-house fix for GS going **** up gets rid of that bleedin' error I'll be back online a lot more frequently.