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UT3 4v4 TDM Cup with Prize Money!

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    UT3 4v4 TDM Cup with Prize Money!

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    Hello everyone,

    As I am as stubborn than apparently stupid to still try, i will organize a 4v4 tdm Cup for the sole purpose of entertain you, guys!

    Format will be somewhat classic.

    I aim at (shock cores and heads, first of all but also...) for 4 teams of 4 ppl with possibly one sub each. I will try my best to gather skilled ppl once again to make the match entertaining.
    Goal is to stream massively and have FUN, first of all.

    To spice things up i will show the spirit and bring 20€ to start to build up the prize money pot, i wait for some of you always saying they will "help if possible/if needed", it's time gentlemen to back up your claims =))))).

    Fast facts:

    4v4 TDM

    Mutators: Utcomp3v4b2 - Soundgroupfix - FreeFov - SpectatorUi (we will see if we need to add one)

    Maps: Deck-PRO2 / Heatray-FE / Flustered-LE / Campground U3 FIX / Diesel-LE / Codex-CE / Cipe (will most likely be sthg like this)

    What about possible cheaters?
    -CLIENT SIDE Demos recording will be mandatory for the cup. If a player is asked his demo of a match and he can't provide it, it will result of the nullity of the match result. According to admin decision the match will or be replayed or simply loss for the "suspicious player"'s team. I can also be requested to spectate a particular player if some of you have some suspicions about a particular player. Recording your own game is very simple and doesnt cause any problem with game performances at all. You just have to use the "demorec" command.

    Guaranteed Prize Pool: 347,5€ (should be going up...):

    -20€ Lw)f
    -10€ From PlayForGG => Thanks a lot to him, he also contributed for everyone having something to fight for! that's the spirit!
    -20€ from Inri => Thanks a lot man, that's the spirit and it's much appreciated
    -35€ from Mister zkyp himself => Thanks a lot mate, still one King amongst the four!
    -30€ from DSK a good mate from ut2k4, thanks a lot mate! Dont forget to check his ut2k4 channel: UT2k4 Community he uploaded sh1tload of ut2k4 demos from the past!
    -30€ from Yatja, oldskool swede powner here for "Mother****ing Gore time!", thanks a lot man!
    -25€ from Hurry, Thanks a lot for your contribution mate, i'm sure it will helps everyone motivating even more!
    -45€ from d1sc, Thanks a lot to the oldskool scottish ctf pro, thanks a lot
    -15€ from Memphis, adding to all the redeemable game keys he offered already, thanks a lot mate!!!
    -100€ from Xuch from Hitpointgamer, Thanks a lot mate for your contribution i'm sure everyone will appreciate!! You wanna thank him in some way? Visit and sign up on the forum!!!
    -17,5€ from KlLLiNg_SpRee Thanks a lot to him for his contribution, allowing everyone to fight for sthg even bigger, appreciated!!!

    We got from our Beloved Memphis several steam redeemable Game keys for the following games:
    -Dust: An Elysian Tail
    -Guacamelee! Gold Edition
    -The Lord of the Rings Online: Steely Dawn Starter Pack
    -Batman™: Arkham City GOTY
    -F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

    ->(Prizewinners will be paid by paypal (and nothing else), if you dont have one account, try to make a deal with someone), pm me to contribute on IRC #ut3.tdm @quakenet


    => Matches can start to be Played the 14th of April / Deadline is the End of the month (April ofc...)

    Format: (will depend on how much team) My thoughts are going towards 2 obvious solutions:

    -> Double elimination Bo3 or bo5 ; Final bo5 or bo7 (ye you gonna play this **** game for a change )
    -> One pool where everyone play everyone


    -ConX5 (to be confirmed)

    Where can I train and/or get help to set my ut3!?

    => #ut3.tdm @Quakenet IRC / for more ease u can use Webchat <= CLICK to access webchat!

    - I will provide General Help / training / INIS if needed / Private servers almost everyday after 18h00 cet but other ppl will be able to help you here too (irc)


    Confirmed players (90%+ of chances those ones will play)

    -Team rAge: Beliar / rAge / hiver / armi / konsky
    -Team UT99ers: nudla / aiwon / disc / texet / B4dshoot3rz
    -Team Lw)f: Lw)f / Aco / xAz / YatJa / dac / Lexinho
    -Team GToU: Vitas2000 / Sibior / Potro#itel / HF / Lady*D / Gaspar
    -Team gab: Gab / setosyn / Assassins / C.R.Y.E.L.L.A / Vo3 / Trollface
    -Arcada: dreadra / a-re-ja / xindon /DPOH
    I aim at 4 teams as i said, it would be already "nice" considering the number of ppl still here, rest is bonus =) , if it works (the cup) good then; if not, oh well i tried, np =) ...

    Thanks in advance for ppl that will, i hope, contribute.



    To Do List

    - Create a Logo (propose a Logo of Yours!) ==> DONE thanks to rAge!!
    - Create a Banner with Cup main infos (propose a Banner of Yours!)
    - Create a MiniMovie (like i did for the previous cup) as soon as we got some frags from the Cup training)
    - Promote the Links / Cup Infos to share the word and probably get few more $$ to add up to the Pot
    - Choose a platform to Host the cup (challonge / / other suggestion ?? )

    I can't play but i'd love to watch some action.

    You can count on 10€ from me, just pm me the details if it goes live.
    I'll do some social networking to try to get people interested.

    Can anyone do a picture to send to people, like an advertisement or something ?
    With eye candy pics of the maps, tagline etc...


      Originally posted by PlayForGG View Post
      I can't play but i'd love to watch some action.

      You can count on 10€ from me, just pm me the details if it goes live.
      I'll do some social networking to try to get people interested.

      Can anyone do a picture to send to people, like an advertisement or something ?
      With eye candy pics of the maps, tagline etc...
      Hello PlayforGG,

      Thanks for your support! I will indeed do a list of "To DO" and i will edit the 1rst Message to inform ppl of that. I will pm you my paypal account and add your gift in first Message !

      edit: paypal info sent


        PM me tomorrow on IRC. I can help you arrange some things and help you set up the tournament if you wish.


          A logo is being made by rAge, thanks to him!

          Also don't forget and feel free to participate into increasing the prize pool, it will motivate ppl to sign up and give their 100% to win, entertaining you at 100% too . Even if its very few €/$, consider it!


            I second for increasing the prize pool. Even by just a few bucks, compare it to a drink or night out and what entertainment you'll get with the tourney, win-win situation for everybody.
            Rise awareness


              GToU is ready to pwn
              gota six players but duno who would play,depends on server and how laggy it will be



                Are those ppl confirmed (like 90% sure to play?)
                which name you want for the team?

                Server will most likely be .de (*2) .uk , if i can contact vage one .nl and i will try another .fr or .uk maybe the polish team can get a .pl

                I will set a rule for ping average.

                Your team added, until you give me a name, it will be team gtou.


                  For people that don't have the maps (like me) they are available on under UT3/Utility in the TDM essentials pack.


                    let it be GToU
                    all of them r ready to play, 2 for substitution coz i'm quite sure it will be laggy for someone
                    just wondering why the fck do u want play codex 4v4
                    something like cipe could be exchanged for defiance
                    need votes
                    .de servers are the most stable


                      -> ok then for gtou

                      -> Cool then, i demand that at least one of you (2 even better) join irc at #ut3.tdm everyday to inform your whole team about 'whats up' by those intermediate(s). In fact a lot of infos and discussions are going on, i want at least 1 guy representing each team in irc discussing with us and giving his opinion for his team (only team we dont have ppl to speak for is Gtou), so ask someone to join everyday in ut3.tdm =) .

                      -> I could understand, i dont like codex much either but what you got to understand is i'm not doing the cup for myself, and i thought ppl from ut99, for example, would come easier in ut3 again if they dont have5661616151 maps to "learn" ,that's why i decided to add it (it's logical anyway). We discussed this but unfortunately, no gtou was here to voice its team's opinion =( .

                      -> Yes actually, i could replace Cipe by Defiance indeed (i think i will do as i see not much plp trying those 2 new maps. Just some gtou join irc and they(we) can discuss that.
                      Why did you even include them in the first place?
                      1) Because they were played a bit in previous cb cups and are very good tdm maps
                      2) Crazy who made the map is still around, so if some ppl wold have discovered bugs or suggested sth, it would have been an option to modify it
                      3) I wanted still a good new map so at least all the teams start on a "same basis" of experience on those.

                      -> a Guy offered a new server! so we got 2 .de and now 1 .fr (no i didnt ask for a .fr or even asked him anything, he pm'ed me saying he did set 1 ut3 server for us and hes polish) thanks a truckload to him again!!!

                      We still need to discuss the DATE and the system. I think i will go for a pool so everyone plays everyone, u can also play "when u want" arranging the game with your opponent like it was on clanbase.
                      => ONLY condition: to warn me or another admin at #ut3.tdm that the game will take place at least 1 hour before the match starts so we can arrange stream for ppl that wanna watch =) (1 russian streamer welcome)


                        A little up to say that if some ppl want to contribute by donating, it's still possible, with the money growing the higher number of players are interested in teaming up to play. More streams, more demo and more fun for you guys!
                        Pm me if you want to contribute, every sum is welcome =) !

                        Edit: Another donation of 30E from DSK a good mate from ut2k4, thanks a lot mate! Dont forget to check his ut2k4 channel: UT2k4 Community he uploaded sh1tload of ut2k4 demos from the past!

                        edit2: -30E more from Yatja!

                        edit3: -zkyp donated 10 more euros! So pro dat zkyp


                          wow at the cash prize.
                          It's going strong

                          I'm glad it's taking off, i'll have great matches to watch for sure.


                            New team added! More prize to come! Spread the word about the cup!


                              Wolf, pls add in gab team list "Cryella"- She is our 4th member