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    Hello everyone,

    I can only record how much talented persons with the solid will of making everyone's game better and always push further UT3 gaming experience, that are still here and kicking, such as:


    And so many more, ( not even talking about ppl still releasing maps etc). It's incredible regarding the activity of our game that's there is still so much ppl capable of such thing around. It's half off topic but that's really a kind of "thanks" i wanted to address to some ppl that i feel like deserve more.

    Lets get more into topic subject now: that is YEARS literally, that i'm trying to contact Faust via the now dead Clanbase, via at that time with Bronzorn asking too , or even direct email iirc. Those demands always stayed silent to our greatest despair =( ...

    I can perfectly understand one wanna keep all the credit for 'his work' (which was/is/will be just mandatory for any "competitive" duel/tdm/ctf or just for all the incredibly awesome features it gives you beyond competition). Though, after so much years and well, the mutator being entirely related to ut3 anyway, i find a bit sad that we are totally unable to contact Faust and maybe convince him to pass the torch possibly to skilled ppl that could maybe do more with it, just like iirc Lotus did for him (giving customUT source to Faust?? don't quote me on that though as i can't remember correctly anymore).

    I feel like ppl like Zidane, Ronaldinho, C.Ronaldo, Beckam, Messi and so on are still on the playfield and wouldnot say no to do a good match but Pele retired and got the unique ball with him ...

    I know the analogy is quite clumsy but you got the point.

    -Does anyone know where to contact Faust via a social Network maybe?
    -Does anyone (well it's somewhat related to Wormbo only? Maybe few of his coding relatives) would have utcomp or late customUT version source code to provide to interested/trusted ppl?

    It's like with the slightest hope that i ask here but it cost nothing and could maybe worth the try, who knows :/ ...Anyway one time more or one time, no big deal right?

    There's no point in editing utcomp to make it better. It is actually be smarter to make a whole new utcomp like mutator that offers competitive features. There are so many flaws with the current UTCOMP that a whole new source code would have to be developed in order to satisfy the problems already addressed with our utcomp.


      Originally posted by LLonewolf View Post
      just like iirc Lotus did for him (giving customUT source to Faust?? don't quote me on that though as i can't remember correctly anymore).
      Lotus from Kaizen? I remember he developed something a long time ago. What ever happened to Lotus? I met him a few times and he was a cool guy. Very talented.


        I would contact EVERYONE that plays UT3 now. Go around in public servers and ask. I'm sure someone knows how to get a hold of him. Maybe my friend Jane's Addiction knows...or maybe crazybastard? Post on the mod forums.


          Legionz: i'm not sure if it's the same guy you talk about (possibly) i just know he was a talented ut2k4 player and also very talented in coding

          Novaz: i would agree with you if the current state of our game wasn't what it is. From what i know it would be a colossal task to redo sthg as good as utcomp from scratch. I would never dare to complain at utcomp though, as i'm not an ungrateful person, i will always remember how much utcomp allowed me to enjoy the game and well even if there are still few minor bugs, really i don't mind them.
          We got to understand there are still talented coders but we also got to understand, like any of us, they have a life too. I'm not sure any of them would be willing to invest humongous amount of time for the handful of players still playing the game a "competitive" way. I would never deny how much grateful those players would be, it's not the point, just that... well... when a game is new and there are tons and tons of ppl and famous players around, your motivation is kinda hyped up by the game and the amount of ppl you wanna please etc. Nonetheless, as i said previously, i'm not sure those talented ppl would like to invest so much time in the current state of our game, sadly =( .

          The closest thing to that was Loezix's XT mutator. It was so so nicely starting. Though last time i asked Loezix, unfortunately for us (fortunately for him!) he was very very busy with his work. So he doesn't have time anymore to develop the promising but now on standby XT mutator.

          I """dream""" of a kind of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Coders (Rattlesnake, Luau, Wgh, Vegaskill, Wormbo, and such!) that, for example, would come back together on Loezix work (that iirc he wanted open source and was willing to share, not entirely sure though) and finish XT mutator and let it open source.

          As their time isn't free we WOULD pay them for the hassle. Work could be shared between the different coders and paid the same way. Once again, i would give $$ but in this game, i noticed theres always a lot of ppl that 'would do sth' but when it's the moment to back it up, more ppl....). Work would be shared somehow (less time wasted by each person) on an already existing solid basis (XT).

          Asking around would have been good in 2009 Nvz, not anymore =( ....

          Well just my 2cts.


            I must say i agree with you LLonewolf. UTComp has enhanced the game by many levels by allow for advanced voting, adjustment in the game such as different cross-hair, ping correction etc. I would loved to see either a improved version or a new mutator in the similar lane as UTComp, i think it would be awesome. You have brought up a bunch of valid point in this thread, and i concur with you, i give thumbs up for supporting such development and i also give $$$, even hosting at our website.



              I think the voting options in UTComp really suck compared to the menu voting in UT3. You can only have a limited amount of maps in UTComp's voting menu while having unlimited in UT3's stock menu.


                NovaZzZ; Well, yes and no. In my testing there is max 30 maps supported per game mode that is defined, which is rather annoying. But this is only part the whole voting-system in UTComp, to invalid voting in UTComp i dont think is fair trial just because of that. Look at the other features, you can vote in max players, spectators if you dont want spectators etc, you can vote for time etc. But yes, i think that 30 maps is a little bit in the limited line.


                  When you are done helping wolf can someone also please port the amazing UT99 duel mod Rocket Arena to UT3.


                  - custom duel maps (multiarena)
                  - all weapons
                  - 200 hp
                  - no pickups
                  - rocket jump enabled
                  - 2vs2 max
                  - ladder system: winner keeps playing

                  Old thread:

                  I will pay in cookies. Ty