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Petition for making UT3 free to play

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    Seriously, UT3 is now like 5 dollars and now there are complaints about making it free..?

    Lol This community..

    On a more serious note: Were where YOU when Unreal Tournament 3 dropped 4 years ago!?
    Doing Epic's laundry? Lmao XD


      If it goes free do I get my $60 back? I am still trying to get my moneys worth out of it :P

      boom headshot


        Originally posted by Rumplehedskin View Post
        It's more of a "how many people here actually care about the game anymore" experiment. Over 200 views & only 10 votes. That pretty much sums it up!
        1. views ≠ unique viewers
        2. It's even more of a "how many people care about the game and are willing to humor this futility" pseudo-experiment.
        3. If all this was known … well then that kind of makes this silly poll nothing more than a self-fulfilling, depressive attempt to shame, guilt, and/or $#!+ on people.

        As I recall UT3 is pretty fun as-is, whether cheap, free, or worth every penny of my $60 too.

        I detect a shortage of celebrate!


          i am celebratory! I voted for both! and i'm still getting my monies worth whenever I fire the game up. and I likes my metal box with art booklet!
          but free steam weekends usually seem to give this horse a bit of a push.

          >puts laundry in dryer, set temp warm, time 60 minutes<

          now drink cold dog and eat hot beer!


            UT3 to play

            I voted,

            I don't see a problem with making it free to play, but the editor is worth the full price alone for me

            If epic made a laundry game, I hope they use the same announcer! now that would be EPIC

            CLEANING SPREE

            Multi Bleach!

            muh muh muh Monster wash load.