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Trouble creating a thin layer of water to walk around in

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    Trouble creating a thin layer of water to walk around in

    Hey all,

    I've just recently gotten back into working in UT3 after a very long hiatus and I am having trouble with something that should be pretty easy. In the level I am creating I just want a thin layer of water over my floor. But for some reason no matter what I do, I either can't see the water, or the materials I use override whatever I have in place on my floor and it ends up being totally transparent. I have a water volume in place, so lots of splashing around and such, but the water isn't visible. When I add a material to the surface of the water, my BSP surface underneath "disappears."

    Does anyone know how to create a simple layer of water over my floor so that you are obviously running through a shallow stream over a cave floor?


    You cannot put water material on the volume itself. You can use BSP set to no collision, or static meshes. It is common to use a plane found in simple meshes package. BSP use very rarely unless absolutely needed (odd shape etc). Also make sure you are not using a "fallback" material.

    A great way to learn is reverse engineer a stock map.