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Game mods recopilation?

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    Game mods recopilation?

    Hello, guys. I think it could be a good idea to make a recopilation thread with the most interesting mods that were developed.

    I'm trying to find some Game Types, like Invasion, MultiTeam, etc., but it's dificult to search through the huge number of pages of the Full Releases section of the forum.

    So, if you can, I'll be very grateful if you help me to find and recopilate them and other great Game Types and mods.

    Thank you.

    UT3MOD.COM would be a good way to find that stuff - yes the site is for PS3-Cooked versions of those mods, but pretty much all of them contain links to the official thread the mod came from on these forums, where you'll find the official links to the PC-versions. I know that Invasion and Multi-team are among the mods on