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Private Tux's UT3 Short Map Reviews

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    Private Tux's UT3 Short Map Reviews

    Hello there users/visitors at the UT3 community!

    I'm now launching my map reviews for UT3 on my new homepage that I'll posting old and new maps in one of the following categories below, instead of bumping Epic threads without deadlinks, with forum thread discussion links and working download links for both PC and PS3. There are more than 100 maps I reviewed so far from time to time, and all my early map reviews posted from one of the following threads at Epic Games Forums are copied to my homepage (usually, I've posting my reviews for newest maps to this forum before copying them to my page also). The following categories in links are currently reviewed so next will be the Vehicle CTF, Warfare and two add-ons Jailbreak and CDOM (don't know the other gametypes though) and here are the results.

    Categories denoted in asterisk (*) are gametype add-ons.

    Thanks for reading and help making the UT3 community alive!
    Cordially, Private Tux

    NOTE: My website uses HTML5 and CSS3 for better performance, unfortunately I'm disabling the old/obsolete versions of browsers that are not included HTML5 and CSS3 (you must upgrade the latest version of your favorite browser to allow access on my site, sorry).

    Very nice website m8

    I add your site to my reviews list & also THX for everything you do for the community


      Thanks for all of your hard work on that Tux.


        With pleasure you two.
        I'll keep my map reviews updated as soon as possible if there are new maps to be released and reviewing maps from early years.


          Minor updates.

          It's been a while, few months of absences that I'm updating my site for 2-3 weeks. Screenshots are now included on my Map Reviews page by clicking the number(s) on Screenies section in maps to view in new tab (BUT on the next weeks/months or beyond, I will assigned to use Lightbox for later on, this hasn't getting me a hard time to do). Also, removing the download links that are dead (I hope Map Factory will vowing to return sometimes if the site owner renewing the site's domain/hosting ). The map list on any gametypes is in the footer stickied drop-down (Pick a Map Here...) on your choose, apologies I've excluding the left navigation. Old/new maps will reviewed and posted on my site very shortly or later. Thank you.

          -Private Tux

          PS: This thread is now moved to the UT3 General Chat section. Thanks to Flak!


            Update: June 03, 2013 + and shut down!

            I've added the categories in CTF and DM from A-Z on the left sidebar +(plus)+ adding the two basic jQuery compenents: Sticky sidebar (when you scroll down) and HTML5 Lightbox to make easy view.

            PS: Retitled "Short Map Reviews" for UT3 because my reviews are short though, and the next snippet soon is to view a single map one by one, it's gonna be a very long time to make. (But there are no new short reviews at this time. )

            EDIT: Removing the DL links on any maps because it was shut down on May 11, 2013 due to high monthly cost. Sad to see the site go. And is going down as well! I'll get the new DL links to my Dropbox account quick.


              Update: July 21, 2013 + PS3 Section Added

              Finally redone with my short map reviews page in just one and a half weeks of working with slightly improvements and changes (whew, having a full blast here!); now with the original map release dates, viewing tons of maps one by one, comments, left navigation bar, map sorter and updating (adding and removing) links on downloads and discussion (including my two additional hosting accounts: Google Drive and MEGA). There are plenty of old/new UT3 maps to be reviewed and adding few widgets likely soon. If you encounter mistakes and dead links on one of the following maps, post your responses here and let me know. My site's functional now.

              PS: PS3 section pages on CTF and DM are added now. May contain same reviews but with PS3 releases.

              All Unreal Tournament 3 maps on my site - Short-reviewed so far.


                Awesome website and reviews! If you don't mind, I'll link to your site from mine


                  Originally posted by Wizd3m View Post
                  Awesome website and reviews! If you don't mind, I'll link to your site from mine
                  Big thanks man! And yours too.


                    Thank you Tux


                      Seven maps made by Remus are short reviewed on my PTA site on first day of September 2013. They're originally from the Epic Forums that went missing on the PTA site. Plus, Atom feed available.
                      DM-RB-Gray Matter (Original post.)
                      DM-RB-Barricade (Original post.)
                      DM-RB-Democraft (Original post.)
                      DM-RB-Zero-G (Original post.)
                      DM-RB-Singularity-][ (Original post.)
                      DM-RB-Singularity (Original post.)
                      DM-RB-Morpheus99 (Original post.)