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What does 2013 hold for Unreal Tournament???

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    Originally posted by Techies View Post
    I moved to HoN, 100k+ concurrent players, solid multi-player platform and playing custom maps online now possible. Basically everything I want or think should be in a game, is there. The possibility to play the maps online is a new thing, only made possible by a ace programmer, doing what S2 should of done ages ago. There's already 200+ concurrent users in the channel playing custom maps, and it's rapidly growing. (more than what's left in UT3)

    Note that I mentioned channel, if it wasn't for this simple feature this whole custom map thing wouldn't off gotten off the ground since it would of been impossible to organize games. If it weren't for channels, I wouldn't of been able to find people from my own country to play with, there would be no conversations, no sense of community.

    What would war3 of been without it's bnet? UT3...

    Not making UC2 or GoW2 or GoW3, playable on the PC, don't expect your PC userbase to still hang around.
    ++1 to this.
    Now even UDK forum are quite empty. They stopped care about community, soon they wake up without anybody but ones that make living off unreal engine.
    Ut3 part for me is dead, even Beyond Unreal has only few active members. Epic has some idiot as executive, keeping community alive was great and cheap form of advertisement.
    But after 7 dry years most people move on to different things, without new blood community is dead. First Unreal4 games are comming out soon, and i have suspicious feeling that
    none will have editor included.