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    Newbie needs help

    I am new to GOW 1 and have been playing the campaign. I have gotten to the train with the lightmass bomb, but I can't figure out how to kill Raam. Do I use the Torque Bow, Lancer, grenades, ??? I keep getting killed by Raam or the Kryll, so I need some help.


    First bit of help I can offer Jimbo is post in the correct area of the forums
    (This is the UT3 section, honest mistake, happens all the time )

    Here ya go brother

    But while you're here, you should check out this other fantastic game Epic made...
    Unreal Tournament 3
    Best time of your life...I guarantee.


      I can't help you with that, just as Skippy said, it would be better to post it in the correct subforum (Gears of War, oddly there seems to be no GOW1 subforum anymore).

      And I can only recommend UT3.
      Same goes for any other game of the Unreal franchise, especially the very first Unreal (from 1998 - do not confuse with Unreal Tournament!) if one likes very atmospheric and fast-paced single player/coop-based games.

      *shameless promotion of Unreal franchise - yet again*


        I was looking for the GOW section, but couldn't find it. But still, does anyone know how to go forward? It's getting pretty frustrating not being able to proceed through the game any further.


          The Gears of War Title Updates & General Support -> Members Helping Members subforum is probably what you are searching for.

          If you are still not sure if this is the right place to post your question, I suggest this subforum: Epic Games -> General Chat

          As this is a subforum dedicated to UT3 (and those franchises - even though Gears of War rose of the ashes of a scrapped Unreal game - have nothing to do with each other), you will most likely get no answer to your question here since the people visiting this part of the forum are not familiar with Gears of War, sorry.


            Try F10 then IDDQD or IDKFA,

            I hardly remember that train but i remember GOW 1 had quite few bugs that you either used console or restarted whole game/part.

            Anyway here is what you need to do: how to kill ram in 3 easy to follow steps