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WAR-SunriseCanyon tips and tricks video.

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    WAR-SunriseCanyon tips and tricks video.

    Hi guys I made this quick video to show some ways to master Sunrise Canyon. Mainly to help with the learning curve - it is always more fun to play when you know what you are doing.
    Some of you have already found many of these tricks, some of you have asked me how to do the jump and that can be hard to explain in-game.

    Make sure you have video annotations on to see everything.
    • In this video I show how to do the following:
    • Use jumpboots + jumppad to land very close to prime node.
    • Use jumpboots + jumppad to land very close to center node.
    • Get spider mines.
    • Alternate routes to center node.
    • Use scorpion to jump over water near tank node.
    • Attacking enemy core on foot.
    • Killing a center note tank camper.
    • Grabbing redeemer with manta.
    • Capping prime with hammer through window.

    If you have any tips and tricks for this map please share them with us! I only scratched the surface here.
    (Thread for sunrise canyon )

    It is impossible to overstate what a difference it makes when the author of a good looking map also knows more than a thing or two about how to play the game.

    Great video, great map.


      That's funny, just yesterday I was thinking of making a video like this one because lot's of people are confused and refuse to play this map because of it.

      I think it's important to add that you have to double jump when above the base barrier. It kinda looks like you jump onto the barrier, LAND, and jump again. That is not the case. You never touch the barrier!

      It might be also useful to post a picture of the whole map with all the deployables and stuff marked.

      EMP is a good idea but you can also use link deployable, or (juggernaut) from above rocks... hmmm, thinking of something I have to try right now! . And that's why I like this map .


        I lost my virginity on this map.


          Thanks guys. Yeah Barr I will make a 2-D map showing locations of the major pickups and deployables. Good idea.