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    Originally posted by Nawrot View Post
    Imo Epic should port UT (or make new mutation of it) to newest engine, make about 6 maps, code all popular gametypes. Put this on steam for 10$. with irc, no drm, ut99 gui etc.
    Do what above quote says, and allow community to import over everything from any unreal game (as it was with UT3, but its forbidden with UDK).
    Why should they?UT is awesome as is besides there are map packs for UT3 they have done of popular UT maps anyway so why do it?I honestly have been put off newer games that require stuff like steam,origin,etc.... Sure I have a steam account but I have been unable to use it properly since I still use dial-up with a badly messed up pc...Not that my pc will be able to play the latest "modern" games when it eventually get fixed\upgraded as I will stick with win xp as long as possible.

    I have so many games that I can still play and with having Unreal,UnrealII,UTGOTYE,UT2003\2004,UT3,Quake 3,ST:VEF1,ST:EF2,etc... there is so much content that I can slowly download and still have fun for ages!!! Sure I have bought some newer games like Dead Space 1 but I am kinda ok with the online activation but I feel that is the limit for me!


      Put it to the test!

      Well Folks why not ask Epic to put it to the test!? Or just get some example feedback from out-there!?

      Just do 2 games, take for example UT4 "FPS" and Unreal3 "RPG FPS" (both with an Unreal editor)...
      And in UT4 the usual "Buy the game" and get free content...
      In Unreal3 get payed content "many DLCs, many Expantion packs, other many Extras and many adons"

      In this 2 cases I think we can have the majority of folks happy!? Besides afterwards we will see the results of each game in practice and what gives the best results, or if both are 2 OK options, or maybe not!? :S


        I think the UE3 still looks great, I would be more than happy if they can release another ut game, kind like they did with uto3 to move to the better ut04. God I missed assault.
        Make the game what is meant to be a tournament! Give us flexibility and lots of contents.


          Originally posted by maxdamage View Post
          Why should they?UT is awesome as is besides there are map packs for UT3 they have done of popular UT maps anyway so why do it?
          All I have to say is open up the version of Deck that came with the UDK and you will partly (fully, if you're a mapper) understand why UT mappers salivate over that. Having tons of new capability plus many editor improvements would be awesome if the basic game framework was there. I totally agree with Nawrot (and post #8 of this thread ).


            It's too bad

            Having purchased and played all the series back to UT99. I can say that UT3 had so much potential and am sadden when people cannot feel nor see the time the UT3 designers put into it. It was for all intents and purposes a fantastic game; a work of art.

            I do feel however they overlooked some basic concepts which in turn caused the game not to stick.
            1. Network issues (how do you release this to gamers with the best computers and connections on the market, yet they still have horrible data rates? This games appeal is multiplayer…)

            2. UT3 designs were beautiful but bulky…

            The concept of being able to avoid death instead of a 2 seconds battle is dearly missed. All these modern games lack the ability to stay alive by obtaining items that substantially increase defense; to the point where it's a challenge to stay alive rather than being taken out in a second because you turned a corner and someone was there crouching. It was this coupled with UT's fast pace, good connection, and sleek character designs that made UT the hit it was.


              The basic game play of UT3 itself was not bad, but just about everything that surrounded it, especially the user interface and server browser, was awful. They put a lot of work into UT3, but they needed to polish it instead of releasing it in a state that seemed like a beta and that was heavily consolized. Whenever I load the game up I think to myself, "what a shame".


                "I honestly think that Unreal Engine 4 would not be able to do Crysis 3 on consoles right now. The PC version could do it, maybe, but it would call for a higher PC spec. CryEngine 3 is capable of doing anything Unreal Engine 4 can. We don’t need to tick up the number to CryEngine 4." --- Yerli (CEO of CryTeck)


                  There are in basic 2 ways!

                  Well there is the enovative or new way or there is the old fashon way!

                  It all depends on what the final objective is!

                  Take COD for example ever checked all the CODs and noticed that the menus and stuff give you the inpression your always inside the same game!? well that is the old fashion way!!!

                  Have you cheked the UTs out!? well the menus and stuff work in each ones owen way and thats the "new way!"...

                  What one is better!? you tell me!?


                    CoD players love camping, they love the same thing every time, same gameplay every time, therefore same menu every time. That's just a smart move from its company


                      Originally posted by Sourpuss View Post
                      The basic game play of UT3 itself was not bad, but just about everything that surrounded it, especially the user interface and server browser, was awful. They put a lot of work into UT3, but they needed to polish it instead of releasing it in a state that seemed like a beta and that was heavily consolized. Whenever I load the game up I think to myself, "what a shame".

                      It was exactly the problem of UT3, the beta demo was a huge sucess exactly because of that, because people were LOVING the gameplay but didnt care about the ****ty UI, not having demorec and all that stuff, people thought it would be fixed in the final release.. but guess what, it wasn't, the game was only decent in terms of features around 1.5 years after its release, when already everyone stopped playing. The game wasn't a sucess simply because it was released in alpha-beta state, keep that in mind.


                        What is out in 2013!?

                        Well folks, to get some ideias for UT4, first lets take a look at what games come out this year:

                        And see what to expect in thermes of the game that compete in the market!?


                          Definitely there is room for a new Unreal Tournament game, Thought Sniper ghost warrior 2 was already released? Prey 2 is pretty much canned right now, so I wouldn't hold my breathe on that, and ARMA III is in a state of dismay right now because their in a military legal battle so thats probably a no go as well as half the devs had been deemed to have illegally shoot the real life locations so dont count on that one either, and the other shooters in the genre that we know about are vastly different from what an Unreal Tournament game brings and is... there is like only 1 arena game style game in that whole list for 2013 which is shootmania and its really poor, NOTHING like a UT game so there is DEFINITELY room for UT4 in that bunch... Half of them look so boring as well...


                            Shootmania was HORRIBLE the one and only time I tried the beta.

                            I still have hopes for Nexuiz of last year but those hopes are only if it goes free to play.. Nexuiz has as up to date graphics as you can get (CryEngine 3), custom map making, dedicated servers, all bugs have been fixed since launch, 32 player support.. It just needs players... The devs have actually given the pc version preference.


                              nexuiz i got also and can contest its pretty **** awesome, its only $10 totally worth it lol, yep graphics are awesome but it definitely lacks the finish and quality of UT.. seriously lacking maps and game modes... unfortunately the community is just a little too small


                                Here is how I imagine UT4 could be both a successful and a great game:

                                Do not have EA to publish it

                                It might lead to big sales, but the game will be ruined for good. Any other publishing company is a better choice of a publisher if you want to make a good, customer friendly game. Valve would be perfect, but I wouldn't mind Square Enix either or Ubisoft if we wouldn't have to go through their hoops with DRM. But EA is a no go 100%. First, there would be no modding (because EA wants make more money through DLC), secondly, we would have to use EA Origin, a tool I have had awful experiences with. After the fiasco with Battlefield 3 (a game of huge potential, ruined by Origin, being rushed and ultimately more money being spend to market than to make the game), I would not even consider buying anything published by EA. I have enjoyed some EA games, but ultimately I had the impression that those experiences could have been better if EA wasn't the publisher.

                                Supported modding

                                I think we can expect UE4 to be shipped with the game, but also, it would be very nice if there was a system where the game automatically downloads the mod when trying to join a custom mod server. It would make the experience much more user friendly and entertaining mods would easily get attention. This would nearly guarantee a faithful community.

                                Do not change the core of the gameplay, instead focus on it and build everything else around it

                                Jumping, finding guns, dodging and firing projectiles at each other (and since 2004 - vehicles) are the basic tenets of Unreal Tournament gameplay, keep them. The market of gritty wanna-be-realistic shooters is over saturated anyway (contrary to a CoD fanboys' opinion, soldiers don't regenerate health IRL). I don't want to be having to aim down the sight in UT. Other aspects of the game that have been prone to changes anyway should evolve to match today's standards. I believe that there is a market for a game with rather goofy gameplay of UT, but with high production values.

                                Do not rush it

                                Self explanatory. Bugs and unfinished aspects are fixable post-release, but the poor first impression is forever.

                                Beta testing

                                Self explanatory once more. The games have become to big and technically complex to be developed without feedback. I also believe that feedback should be taken more seriously when testing. While I do not believe that an opinion of a gamer is more important than the opinion of a developer, I know that a developer, as someone who makes the game views it from a different perspective. Therefore, he may focus on some other aspects of the game an average gamer may take less notice of and vice versa.

                                A good presentation

                                I'm not talking only about the graphics here. It's the whole image: the music, the art direction and level design. Although IMHO UT3 looked awesome with that bulky GoW design to me, I think that a more timeless design would look equally as good to me and even better to other gamers. And although Epic already did a great job at making both beautiful and fun maps every time, I cannot stress more how important that is. Also, I would really like to see a somewhat wacky high-tech level design and electronic and rock music, I wouldn't like for it to feel like CoD, BF3 or any other FPS nowadays regarding that. The game should feel a bit wacky and over the top (because, you know, double jumps and rockets and stuff), but as a well rounded, well detailed (I am not talking just about graphical details) high production value whole.

                                User friendly features

                                Allow the user to customize his game like in UT2004. The internal music player is amiss in UT3. Also, when you have a PC, you usually want to be able to set the graphics more than just with a GFX slider. If you want to rip CoD off, add decals unlockable by achievements like the one in Black Ops - it does not impose anything people who don't care about that and it's a bonus for people who do. The UI is underestimated as a part of the general impression. A straightforwardness but customizability of UT2004 UI and the flashiness of the one in UT3 would be great. Despite the unsatisfaction with certain aspects of UT3, I believe some design decisions were good. Like the character customization thing, that should be kept, but not too focused on.

                                A good netcode

                                Of course.

                                Just my opinion.