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    Originally posted by Veggie_D View Post
    Good plan.

    Only thing is — don't get me wrong, $130 is pretty bold — but from what I understand, these days it takes at least $200 to build a top-shelf video game. Might want to bring a little more cash with you, like, maybe $250 just to be safe.
    Was just a way to say that i'm willing to spend that amount of money for a new Unreal game. Although not without a good review first



      What you say about the availability of Internet access to those old devices - it's absolutely true.

      However, I think you oversimplify with this:

      So u have the 99ers that stayed in ut99, the ut2k4ers that stayed in ut2k4 and add the new generation feeded with realistic shooters where your health regens after few seconds that joined ut3.
      It just never happens that way - all the way. Yes, 99ers often tend to stay with "their" release of the game, and so did the cod1'ers, so did cod2'ers, so did cs1.6'ers.

      However, percentages differ on games, and how "bad" the new release is. I myself, from what I've seen, would say that with the release of a new game in the franchise, for the first month or so, general fan base is "trying" out the new game, and only ~20% are left with the old title - their constraint is bad hardware and perhaps lack of funds to buy the new game (kids/teenagers). After half of a year, most folks either come back to the old game, or stay with the new one. That may be somewhere ~30-40%ish, that stay with the old game. As time goes on by, some leave the old game, because it's getting boring to them, the competitive scene is shrinking and there are no LANs - same thing for the new game. People are trying hard to like it, but they're so used to the old one, they cannot. So they either leave the franchise for good, and go on seeking different games on PC/console, or go back to the old game. That is almost like a rule, and I've seen it over and over and over in blockbuster games. In the end, after years, people still cling to old games, and ~20-30% of people, who started with the game, still play the game, from time to time.

      These % nonsenses are really not facts/statistics, it just feel that way, from what I've seen in numbers on xfire statistics, server browsers, my local community, amongst friends and in pro-longed dreadful discussions on forums.

      What should they do?: what should they fkn do? Look at what 2GD is doing for quake and plans with Reborn. It would actually be very simple to "release a potential kicking Ut" :
      Basically release another ut that would equal ue3 ut3 2.1 patched state with a kind of BIGASS mutator that includes everything ppl want and make it a target for competitive gaming
      It would be ut3 with 2k4 browser/ui + utcomp (or sthg like the very promising but dead?Xt from loezix), dodge jump mut. Just look at quake live and inspire from it's ui and customization potential

      ->Lower a bit gravity to please ut2k4 whiners.
      ->Fire the guy that said "hey it would be cool to desature and lower contrast for the whole game so it's seems always foggy and dark!".
      -> Include utv?
      -> Get as consultants some top players and listen to them.....
      There's no saying in what will they do, because listening to Tim Sweeney, the founder of Epic games @ 1991ish, he's saying that with time, mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets will conquer the market. He's saying that they're just not ready yet, because of hardware limitations. Same goes for his rival, John Carmack, from IDsoftware, he's saying the same thing - there's a huge market that tablets/smartphones bring.

      And when you think about the whole PC vs CONSOLE vs PHONES battle, you go - why would anyone want to do this ? What are they thinking, saying that ?
      It's quite simple - ease of use.
      Which is harder for parents - to buy a PC for the kid, and deal with possibilities of internet attacks/viruses, blue screens of death, their PC's running slow, not being able to run newer games and on top of that - their kid going through PORN ? Or do they simply buy a console, which is ready the minute they buy it, insert the disk, and -wuala- ! ?
      And Which is harder for casual gamers - to buy a gaming PC, with top-of-the-time hardware, play a few games, and just after half of the year, find out that a new game is out which they'd like to play maxed out, but it so happens, that their PC is already a bit slow ? So they dumb down the graphics for performance, and they feel somehow slapped on the face by the whole thing - they invested ~1000$ into the thing, and its peripherals, and they can't get the experience they wanted. Not to mention the badly written drivers for most of gpu's and what not, which bottleneck performance of some really good riggs.

      Developers, that have established themselves dont think - passion - anymore. They think numbers, prospects, competition, future.
      Whilst I do agree with what you say, on how the game should be - and I'm sure many of us do, UT series have not changed all that much in the years, the problem is, that COMPETITIVE gaming, which aspires from fast paced shooters, fast paced RTS and other demanding games, is a veeeery small margin of CASUAL gaming. I think back in 2009 or so, Activision had released some statistics on the matter, considering their sales on PC/xbox/ps3, and PC was only 5-10% of the Behemoth. And when you think about it - not all people in the 5-10% are hardcore, most still are casuals, who have jobs, dates, children and what not, and only dedicate 1-2 hours a day to the game, if not less.

      So when you think about it - main stream developers will not ever make a game, which caters to competitive scene. The best they can do is make the game they think is fun, and then add freedom for fans to change it, so the game is moddable to our wishes. But - oh yes - there's a problem there as well. If UT4 came out, we didnt like it all that much, but we could mod it - who would make the decision ? Do we make it like ut99 ? Or maybe like 2k4 ? Some would say - no no no - make it like ut3 !

      Our best bet is that Epic goes to it's roots, at least for this title. It's been quite a long time, since a good twitch shooter came along. There were tries, like Shootmania, Brink, etc., but they all failed, because they lacked key elements.
      UT4 will be undeniably beautiful - the engine smells good from a-far. And it will be on PC, that's for sure. The only question is - will it be fun ? Will it venture into the unknown, try new prospects, new kind of gameplay ?
      I somehow doubt it, I think their main business with UT is to showcase the engine, what they can create with it. I think the gameplay will stay the same.


        A UT4 that replicated the game play of UT99 (and UT 2004 for vehicle CTF and Onslaught) would not be the same old same old. It's been years since UT99 was released so it would be new to most people. Secondly, this game is less of a disposable adventure game or campaign based shooter and is more like a sport. (If you ever played in a UT99 5-on-5 capture-the-flag clan match or pug match with organized teams and voice comm, you'd know what I mean when I say "sport".) For example, basketball hasn't changed much for decades and people still enjoy playing it. UT99 is the same way. Besides, Bombing Run with UT99 style movement would be a huge hit and it would be new. UT99 style Domination hasn't been released for 13 years, too.

        So if the game play, movement, and feel is the same as tried and proven UT99 (for on-foot) and UT 2004 (for Onslaught/vehicles) what they can do is make a first-rate, polished game. Give it an excellent user interface and (working) detailed server browser with numerous filtering options. Give it an excellent MapVote with numerous options (not the **** that came bundled with UT3, but rather an improvement on the MapVote from UT 2004 and the BDB MapVote mods for UT99). Make it easy for people to host servers. Make it easier to manage and produce custom content.


          The KEY Problem is:

          One of the most inportante fact in keepping a game alive is:

          A - The need for constante updates!
          B - The need for constante addons!
          C - The need for constante expansion packs!
          D - The need for constante DLCs!
          E - The need for user personalazation and customazation!

          Take "The Sims 3" series for example, about every 2 months a new title comes out and there are new DLCs every month for it!!! I think if WE had this sort of thing with UT3 or any upcaming "Unreal RPG" it be a HIT!!! imagine game life expectancy for many years, the publisher can be able to keep the game alive for as long as they please!!!

          IN OTHER WORDS WE NEED MUCH MORE STUFF FOR GAMES!!! "as sited above"


            I agree that a bit better support for a new UT game would be one of the best ways to keep the game going, as you said take sims series, theres like 20 expansions for each of those games, think there was only a bonus map pack and the Titan Pack and that pretty much about it for support for UT3, and in todays gaming industry, even though I LOVE UT3, its not really no where near enough support to keep the intest going... Dont get me wrong, the Unreal Tournament community, in my opinion, has to be simply the best community of players I have ever experienced in my 20 odd years of playings games since the mid 80s, but its quite a lot to ask our community to keep pushing the game as far as they can for as long as they have before they just get burnt out... To much reliance is on our community to finish and complete a UT game. Epic games needs to realize that once a game is released, it doesn't mean you should stop support for it... Even if its just a bunch of map packs and character models, that'll do !!! just something to keep us going for the years that UT stays around for.... Didn't even finish off the UT3 campaign, its in such limbo it would have been nice to get some final conclusion for the story even if you think it wasn't that good, the wife is still seriously ****** about this in particular unless your meant to go through all that trouble just to die in the end anyway... which would seem rather stupid lol


              Sims model of countless paid DLC will not work for multiplayer games. And no company will put so much resources for creating that as free DLCs.
              Every paid DLC forces everybody to buy it asap in multiplayer game community, if you do not buy you cannot play with others. Same thing happened
              with each of WOW expansions, either you bought it at release or had nobody to play with. Because of that "forced to buy" there would be lots of
              unhappy customers in Unreal universe, we are not mmo crowd.

              We had what works best for fps shooters, ie. free modding tools, free editor. I would say that ut3 has more free content created by community than Sims3
              have it made by developers. Some stuff is even better than done by Epic.

              What could save ut3 few years back was allowance from Epic to port UT3 into UDK done by community, but it never happened due to some copyright issues,
              and now its too late for saving ut3. Back then ut3 port to UDK could ride quite well on growing udk popularity. I just hope someday we get new unreal game
              with newest engine, Unreal Editor , bunch of epic done assets and good ol IRC instead of gamespy, games for windows or other abomination. Oh and file hosting
              servers created by Epic, I am so tired of broken links from fileplanet.


                Totally Competable!

                Well let me put it this way:

                Imagine that UT99 was updated to UT2003, and then updated to UT2004, then updated to UT3!...

                ...In other words we have a decade of ALL UT stuff that can be used in the editor and soo in game!!!
                we´d have all the competable stuff of wepons, vehicles, characters, mods etc...

                You´ed have for example a low poly mesh of UT99 characters to higher poly characters of UT3!!!
                Besides all the mods out there all be working in the present UT3 and upcaming UT4!!!

                The down side is you´ed need meny TB harddisk drive!!! to store all that stuff!!! hehehe


                  Originally posted by Sly. View Post
                  As long as the ground movement is fast, the jumping doesn't feel as if you weight a ton, the dodging fast and the weapons typically unreal and known, I will be satisfied with the gameplay.

                  As long as there will be Skaarj, it is Unreal to me.

                  As long as it will have a Grand Tournament single player and no story, I will completely accept it as Unreal Tournament.

                  As long as PC is the main platform and it is optimized for such, I will be able to throughoutly enjoy it.

                  As long as there is a proper menu or even the Uwindow and no DRM, I will be so happy that I will freak out.

                  As long as maps will not focus on details only but there will be CSG based low poly looking maps (they can still look good after all) for smooth frames and worse PCs at release such as a clean look of maps, I cannot complain at all.

                  As long as Epic will announce UT4 and all this will be part of it...

                  I will go to the next store.

                  There will take my wallet, open it...

                  take out my money...

                  stare at the salesman or woman...

                  and shout:


                  Now, will you act, Epic? Pwueeze?
                  It's probably been more than a year since I logged in, and exactly as long since I read the forum, but this post made me have to log in just to say


                  Don't be fooled by my choice of word, this has nothing to do with judaism or christianity, I simply agree very much




                      The benifits of PC games!

                      Dont forget UT games can bost you brain!!! but remenber to NOT over-do-it!!!
                      read here:

                      ...Besides possibley makking a nice x-mas present!


                        Originally posted by Slowman View Post
                        One of the most inportante fact in keepping a game alive is:

                        A - The need for constante updates!
                        B - The need for constante addons!
                        C - The need for constante expansion packs!
                        D - The need for constante DLCs!
                        E - The need for user personalazation and customazation!
                        If the basic game itself is good and if it isn't real hard to make mods and custom maps, then the community itself will take care of all of that as it did with UT99 and UT 2004. The main thing is to be able to introduce a large and new player base to the game and to then retain their attention by having the base game itself be awesome for online multiplayer.


                          Well yes but...

                          Yeah! you have a point but...
                          ...if a new verson comes out every year, in ten years that means ten verson, soo doing every thing again every year for every verson, just is a complete waste of ANY ones time!!! Or its just me that does not have time to do EVERY thing again! besides to use stuff alredy done is much faster and easy!...
                          ...Dont you agre!? :/

                          ...And at some point someone might say "I GIVE UP!".


                            I would like to see a more involved "community manager" that would whitelist community maps and mods through community testing and voting. What is "whitelist"? It is custom content that has the approval of Epic via the community manager. Sure Make Something Unreal somewhat promoted custom content but not very much and it did not quality assure in any shape or form, some projects submitted for MSU were broken or buggy. The community manager would choose dedicated testers for custom content from the community which I'm sure there are plenty that would volunteer.

                            Its great that custom maps are now being added to Epics servers. I think this should have been happening for a long time now.


                              Do you mean something like the CliffyB Ownage maps in UT2004?


                                yes Sly, similar to that. We could have used something like that for UT3..