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3 community maps for Official Epic Warfare#2 & maybe for #3 also ?

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    3 community maps for Official Epic Warfare#2 & maybe for #3 also ?

    It's been a lot of fun trying out so many different custom 'community made' warfare maps, with a great bunch of players!

    I haven't named any specific maps as i don't really mind which ones get voted onto Epic#2.
    Just looking forward to having a few more options between downtown, floodgate and serenity LoL !

    Regarding Epic#3, i would love to see a different trio of custom maps tried out, maybe in a while. See how much difference, if any, the addition of the 3 new custom maps on Epic#2, affects usage of both servers. (Sadly, it's rare for both servers to be busy these days, usually just one, or the other)
    Just because 3 community maps may be added, doesn't mean people have to vote for them, and the crowds tend to join the first war server with a few people already in, so it doesn't really matter if it's #2 or #3.
    If #2 gets busy and a custom map is being played, people not wanting to join could opt to switch to #3 temporarily, and play stock maps, even if there were 3 custom maps already in the rotation.

    So in summary, I think the combination of 3 different custom maps on each server, could work just as well as having #2 custom and leaving #3 stock, but perhaps wait a month or so, just to see what happens with player numbers & any feedback, before adding or voting on #3.

    Cheers Flak, great job Wikkid, & a huge THANK YOU to all the 'community mappers and modders' who made it possible to add 3 new awesome maps!!! JPJ -

    (p.s I didn't realise the original thread would be closed for comments, as soon as voting was over)

    I'm happy cuz it looks like maps I like made the cut. (I'm unhappy because my connection is as rough as a pimply kid's face atm)

    Thanks, Wikkid, et al!