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Start Developemt of UT4 Immediatley...

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    Start Developemt of UT4 Immediatley...

    Seriously the new consoles are going to drop next X-Mas, the fans of Unreal deserve a new title after seeing GOW get the royal treatment, made me want to puke btw. Whats left of the Hardcore console Ut3'ers at are becoming ever more dellusinal about what the competitive scene was like in 2008-2009. Also I don't buy this PC exclusive business = less sales.

    We need to hear something official from Epic, I think 4 years is long enough.

    Eghhh, I shouldn't do this, but meh: Unreal Tournament was never a console franchise. Trying to be a console franchise killed it. I'm paraphrasing Cliffy B, btw.

    Arena shooters generally suck on consoles, as the controller is practically proven to be inferior to the mouse + kb for first person shooters and places where extreme accuracy is required.
    Your "less sales" argument is way too vague and is generally flawed. Unreal Tournament 3 wasn't so good at launch with it being multi-platform and actually catering to console boys, what happened? Died = no sales.

    While, I should really point out: Unreal Tournament 3 is selling like hot cakes atm on Steam: PC fans remain stalwart (hehh) and the discount helps as well, and yes, if UT is to be, it needs to be PC exclusive.

    Source, to see that I'm not talking outta my ***:

    > All that said, I do personally believe that Unreal Tournament 3 suffered a bit from an identity crisis in regards to whether or not it was a PC or console game.


      Oh, I'd love everyone to get their perfect version and to be happy, I don't have a problem with that. I think PS3 users are actually fine with their release. It's pretty much the best console version that can there be, it even has KB+Mouse support, which is odd for console fps games.

      This would require extra time and dedication from Epic for each build, developing for the 3 platforms is extremely different and in this day and age where franchises get pumped out every year, they simply can't compete with other developers.
      A proper development for 3 separate platforms would require upwards of 4 years, which again, is not the current market trend. And there's an argument to be made that Epic can make more money with a single good PC-only release, rather than 3 buggy releases.

      Take for example the Gears franchise, they are keeping it Xbox360 exclusive and actually this is one thing that pushed me to get my Xbox360, my PC is X times more powerful, but hey. In my train of thought, keeping the Gears franchise on the Xbox, they've optimized and streamlined the process, they don't have to think for the PC or PS3 development at all, they can focus 100% of effort into squeezing more out of the hardware, offer better support to their title, etc. On a side note, I can't for the life of me play Gears 1 with kb+mouse, so I use my xbox360 controller with my PC, that's to show that... this control method is more adequate, same as FPS controls are better handled with kb+mouse.

      Platform exclusivity sucks, I know, but it's something we've all dealth with at some point.


        I actually wonder why they didn't continue their Unreal Championship series.

        I think this is much more appropriate for the Xbox, it already has lore, it has some console specific mechanics, etc. I'm still interested in playing those games as I didn't have the xbox (nor do I have it now, lol).
        At the end of the day, nobody knows what goes into their minds, what guides their decisions, etc. It could be a large number of factors, with the community being only 1, which is understandable.

        In any case, I see some people on this forum *unreal championship subsection* showing interest. So it's always a possibility.

        UE4 might brgin a reboot of the Unreal franchise (and only after that the Tournament) as Cliffy B envisioned, it's so odd at the moment for eveeryone.


          You quote Cliff Bleszinski, but he is no more at Epic Games. He won't have any influence at all anymore.

          And yet again a UT4 thread. It's sad to see that the community is still begging for a new addition to the Unreal franchise, but it's nice to see the community is at least still active or willing to buy it and all for UT4, but maybe it would be time to reboot the Unreal franchise with a proper single player Unreal with UT-like multiplayer as apparently people complained about the neither Unreal nor UT story dilemma of UT3. After Unreal3 would be done, release a proper UT, it could even make use of some models or textures and static meshes from the Unreal game, it was done this way with UT99 as well as it began as a multiplayer expansion pack for Unreal. If Epic wants to create a story, Unreal might be the right place to do that but even then, the Unreal franchise was never that much story driven, it was more creative, innovative and pretty and that's what it should be.
          There are enough untold settings in the U-niverse, 7-Day Siege and Human-Skaarj War, recovery of the Vortex Rikers, colonialization of Na Pali for mining purposes, etc.. I don't see a reason why there couldn't be a new Unreal game at least and a UT game should always follow (or vice versa).

          To sum this thread up in what has and will be said:
          UT3 was consolized and suffered from that, it had bugs at first, had dark visuals that reminded too much of Gears of War (overdone grungification) and was released too early for PCs to handle it properly which made the community and gamership have a worse link to it than in the previous title. It might have needed a fix as well, just like it was done with UT2003 and UT2004. <- it was said now and many, many times before, imo there is no need to discuss those aspects any further as most seem to agree with this anyway (I've read it often enough, you can't deny you didn't either).

          That being said:

          We want Unreal 3, UT4 and a UC3 for the console players!
          I'm willing to spend my money on at least two of the three things mentioned above.



            Thx Sly, Bet this lady knows what is going on...



              If i don't see more Unreal or Unreal Tournament, heads will roll...


                Thanks for the link Luna. A change at the top of any company is always followed by some kind of announcement, shakeup, or major policy change. Top brass always do something to assert their position in a meaningful way within a few weeks of taking a new position. I think it's in the first paragraph of "Idiots Guide to Being the Boss". Anyway.....we can expect some news about something out of Seattle soon.

                If I was to bet money....Given her professional background, the history of the studio, her employees, and market trends....I would say a flagship Gears of War console game will be the first AAA title she releases.


                  One word people .. "Microsoft"

                  MS has been pulling the purse strings for a good while now to boost sales of its console with an exclusive "flagship" title, namely the GOW series. This certainly hasn't hurt Epic IMHO, the driving force behind all of this is the all-mighty "dollar" / IMO Epic is big enough now <with the premier gaming engine on the planet> since they've been catapulted to the forefront they likely do-not need to march to the beat of Microsoft's drum and can do what ever they want to in the gaming world. Also for those who didn't already know this GOW was born from the ashes of a scrapped Unreal game called warfare, so for me the 2 are very closely related and should be considered common friends that can and have built off of each other rather than opposing enemies of each other. (Its taken some maturity on my part to ultimately arrive at this attitude - mind you)

                  You might consider some parallels; between the

                  X360 with an exclusive title = GOW / Gears of War. (Microsoft owns the console and published this title)
                  PS3 with an exclusive title = GOW / God of War. (Sony owns the console and published this title)

                  Things that make you go hmmm .. :wink:

                  OK so fast-forward through a global recession / the days of $50.00 - $60.00 console games are numbered and PC game sales are on the rise.
                  I anticipate they "Epic" have something very good in store for us (for the UT / Unreal franchise fans) - Especially if they want (and they do) to keep their gaming engine at the top, they'll need something with hardware capabilities to handle its potential and that isn't likely with the stripped down hardware of a console system, - lets be brutally honest the day a console system is released there is better hardware on the shelves for the PC counter-parts, that's not to say my kids don't still love their 4 x360's in our house and their 1 PS3 on the 60" TV. - For some reason they hardly touch that WII though. In fairness I should also mention we have a 8 PC LAN and a dedicated UT3 / gaming / media server ..

                  Originally posted by wikkid
                  Why limit ones self? Why not find a way to make it work for all?

                  Gaming is for two things, fun for the gamer/creator and then money for the creator, so why would you try to do one?
                  I agree with this; I see no reason why not as long as interfaces, and controls aren't consolized, and there are PC specific settings to take advantage of the hardware.