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Ways to do Campaign Co-Op

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    Ways to do Campaign Co-Op

    I want to do the Co-Op campaign with some of my friends that just got the game, as I think it will be a great way to teach them the game and I can get the achievements associated with it. Problem is the "Search for campaign" option when you select Campaign no longer works. However you can still join campaign games through the server browser with the associated gametype, or if you've checked "show all game types". If I want my friend to join through LAN, I'm pretty sure this method would work, he would just search on the LAN server browser. If I wanted my friends to join my own campaign co-op game, could they just join through the console command for directly connecting to a server, by giving them my IP?

    Let me know if this stuff works, or if there is another method I can use. To reiterate, searching for co-op campaigns through the campaign browser no longer works, but you can still find campaign co-op games through the normal browser.

    Make sure you add your friends as friends through the "Community" menu in UT3. When you've added each other (and outstanding tech issues are absent) they will be able to join your campaign.
    If you continue to experience issues with this, just let me know by posting here, I think I'll be able to resolve this. :'3


      1. Determine you're IP.
      2. Start a private game from the campaign screen, DO-NOT check the LAN Game checkbox.
      3. Have your friends connect to your IP. <you may need to create an exception rule with your firewall>

      Since its not advertised you shouldn't have to worry about passwording the game, but if you wanted to you can locate in the UTGame.ini file here;

      C:\Users\<user>\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config

      AdminPassword=*your password*
      GamePassword=*your password*