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UT3 Servers and PS3 or Xbox 360 ??

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    UT3 Servers and PS3 or Xbox 360 ??

    i have a question : can i connect to UT3 servers with ps3 or xbox 360 systems ?
    ive been searching this a long time and now everything is confusing cuz for ps3 some say that can connect to servers where UT3 PC players are with the latest PS3 patch and some say they cant.

    As for xbox one players said that he is playing it on xbox many years and i was wondering how ???? maybe xbox systems can and ps3 not ?

    if anybody knows anything plz ... share

    UT3 is not cross platform, you can only play with people on the same platform as you. PS3 does have the ability to have its servers hosted on a PC, this however is not the PC version of UT3. It is merely the PS3 server hosted on a computer.