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    Need help donating!

    Some of you guys don't know about right? The site is a database of the whole Unreal Tournament series game. It contains more than 10,000 UT series files out there (map, mutator, etc.; likely more than 1,000 on UT3 though) and some redirects. But the thing is: The site is going to close and some of you guys need a big/small donation to keep the site alive. Here are some links for UT3:

    Main Site:
    UT3 Files:
    UT3 Redirect:


    Please read the topic once to gain some more attention to the problem.
    So PLEASE, people, help ut-files out with a donation to save all those files/redirects/iptocountry/uncodex etc.!!

    NOTE: This thread will be deleted soon or later IF the will remain shortly. Please be patient!

    If you wanted to i could sell alot of my textures/ assets that i have made,
    - possibly then donate this to a worthy cause- if you can justify it.

    - i would expect someone else to do all the leg work [setting up an account etc],
    ^^ CG - TurboSquid [for examples]... making promo's etc...but i will definately consider this.

    - who needs to cure cancer right?

    im thinking 1000 textures in a hug texture pack for somewhere between £10-£100
    - maybe other members could "donate textures for sales"- to generate revenue for UT3 storage facilities.

    - although you could just back all ut3 up, onto a 1tb harddrive for like 30 bucks-


      I though so...uh nevermind, donation is now complete, check Skillz's post.

      Need to close/delete this thread now.