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Poll: Official Epic UT3 Greed #1, maps

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    Poll: Official Epic UT3 Greed #1, maps

    Out with the old in with the new?

    Would you like to get rid of the maps we don't play for new maps?

    0 = no
    1 = yes

    Please mention the maps you would like to see go or the ones you want to say.

    The maps I would like to see stay are the regular maps we always play and I think there are about 5 or 6.

    Lost Cause
    Facing Worlds

    There may be a few others but I think the rest can be let go to make more room for new maps. I'm not even sure if room is an issue for Epic's servers but I would like to see more than just 3 maps being added so I am creating this thread to bring light to the situation for the sake of the community.


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      It's an OFFICIAL Epic server with OFFICIAL Epic maps.
      There are new players that would like to try these maps. What message does it send when the company that makes the game doesn't even have their own maps playable online?
      Add to that, it adds a variety of maps that don't have to be downloaded.
      Just because it doesn't get played very much online doesn't automatically imply it should be removed. Our community is small enough as it is, never mind limiting ourselves even further with less product.
      Get some skill...learn the lesser played might surprise you how enjoyable these maps can be with a group of skilled players!

      When the server isn't full of regular players, I often see newer players voting for the lesser played maps...and if a newer player enjoys themselves so much on that lesser played map and decides UT3 is worth playing...well then we just grew our little community by 1....which is not such a bad thing


        Originally posted by Skippy_Doe View Post
        It's an OFFICIAL Epic server with OFFICIAL Epic maps.
        There are new players that would like to try these maps. What message does it send when the company that makes the game doesn't even have their own maps playable online?

        Yeah that would be a shame. Even though the maps are hardly played it would be a shame if they weren't available. Kind of sad really.

        I don't really care what maps are added or not, b/c I know that maps like Lost Cause and Morbid will be voted over and over like before. I've been playing UT3 for going on 5 years, those kind of maps aren't my thing. But for people that just started playing the game, it's a good introduction. Titans and small maps level the playing field between "skilled players" and "new players." That's why they will continue to be voted and the maps that I suggested (Anarchy Halls etc.) will rarely be. The Greed server is like the minor league of baseball. Some players will move up to the majors, some won't. It's a good place to start.


          I don't see the point in having bad (some very bad) maps on the official servers. True, they are the maps made by epic, but keeping them around only hurts any progress this game might be able to make.

          Lets all be brutally honest here....a few of these maps are so horrid they never should have made it to the game to begin with.

          We are keeping them around for what? tradition? loyalty? ego?

          I honestly can't think of a single good reason to keep a failed product in service, especially when it can be replaced by something better with little to no cost.

          NOT removing some of these maps hurts the community and is just bad business.


            I don't think any of the maps are bad. Just not good for the game type. Morbid and Titan only leads to rage quitters.

            0-Lost Cause
            1-Facing Worlds


              I do not play greed, but i have noticed that "VCTF_Containment_SP" is interesting for greed gameplay.

              -i'm only saying coz people forget about it


                Originally posted by wikkid
                You do know most of the maps voted on the server are wide open maps right? As an example, Necropolis, Stranded and Rails are some of the most voted maps.
                Sure people like the cramped maps like Lost Cause and others but that doesn't mean they don't like the "skilled players" maps.
                People like spam maps, it is probably why you like Anarchy.
                All I know is that when I've looked at the server browser menu at least 50% of the time I saw Lost Cause being played. And when I joined when Necropolis or another decent map was being played, the next map selected was usually Lost Cause. Regardless, I don't like Titans...especially on maps like Lost Cause and Morbid.

                I like Anarchy because it's a spam map?... I'm hurt :/ I like Anarchy b/c of the rooftop sniper/shock battles. Sure there's a deemer in the center of the map but the guy going after that usually gets killed.


                  I would come play with you guys if lost cause was NOT a map choice!