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Ut3.exe handles keep Increasing

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    Originally posted by s7urm View Post
    Hey, I think you are on to something.

    I tried to replicate this and (even went shopping lol) I got 100, 000+ which is very odd for my system.

    What I did:

    1. Start UT3
    2. Torlan Short, 32 players, max game settings (HOLY S**T)
    3. Tabbed out at approx. 1, 000 handles, went to buy some things (approximately 30 minutes later), came home to 100, 000

    I had no issues, though. My machine can take at least 10 times the load, so I didn't experience any drag or something like that. I am not aware if these are normal results for a game that long and with those settings, but yet - here they stand.


    The next thing to do is just play for 30 mins, tab out and see the number of handles. :3
    The next thing after that: some competent person to tell us what's going on. :>
    Yeah, I left it for a long time and my handles were in the 400,000+ when the drag occurred. Every day I tab out and don't see a problem even after a couple of hours ( I have 6GB ram). But it is something epic will want to fix ..if ever they have another release.


      Ut3 Handles - goes over a million - system went to a drag ..
      Click image for larger version

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