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Hey guys [the 326484th time this has been used as an introduction topic title]

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    Hey guys [the 326484th time this has been used as an introduction topic title]

    Hey guys, I'm a fairly new player (I mean I have been playing since UT 99, but never really got as big on me as Half-Life) so yeah, I'm on UT3 now, fairly addicted to everything related to it.
    I got my custom character from this forum (there was a very nicely organized custom char' thread and I got the Chaos Space Marine) and I really like seeing this community not being dead, and I'm ready to take some flags, make some frags and generally skate around the maps with my awesome helmet... until the goliath awakens. :3
    Count +1 for UT3 any day of the week. I hope that this thing will go on while we wait for UT4.

    I hope we get along and since I'm 24/7 on IRC, I might as well hang around over at #ut3.

    Oh and can I have a quick question... client-sided demos - dead or not? I've been trying to playback some things I've recorded on servers with custom content and when I try to play it back it says it needs the map/mod/mut or whatever and there's no way for me to get it... I shot down a redeemer with the shock rifle that was like 2m from my head so I want to record it, etc.

    Thanks for reading. :>

    Hello and welcome to the Epic Games forum!

    You should google the server homepage (often it is mentioned at the game rules category in the ingame menu or through server messages) or ask an admin if available to give you a source from where you can download all these mutators that they are/were running on the server. They will be able to help you.

    Also, if you need any tips about the game, I suggest you take a look at my UT3 tips thread since the gameplay differs somewhat from UT99.
    It's a general guide covering non-vehicle- and vehicle-based gametypes such as some basic stuff. It's a bit long but contains interesting tricks and tips such as features and things many players seem to forget about but which are useful in certain situations. Here's the link.

    Cheers and enjoy the game!


      Welcome to the forum dude! There are still some of us UT diehards still hanging around. UT3 has been out almost 5 years so don't expect to go into the server browser and see too much action.