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What CPU is better for UT3?

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    It's suppose to double the throughput of apps that use it via the processor.. afaik.. i'm still uneducated about it aslo.. i just briefly read over it while searching Haswell.


      Originally posted by Stormrider666 View Post
      I'm upgrading my computer. I can buy a Quad Core 9550 or a 950 i7. Which one would perform better? What fps boost will I get from my current E8500?
      That's barely an upgrade (if at all). Just wait for next year's Haswell chips with AVX2 and TSX.


        When I upgraded from a dual core Opteron @2.8 GHz with 2xHD4870 xfire to a core i7 870 @ 3.8GHz with 2xHD6870 xfire it was fantastic. This brought forth amazing improvements. Then a year later I upgraded again to a i7 2600K @4.2 GHz with the same 2xHD6870 xfire. I saw another jump in performance. I get better performance with the 2xHD6870 xfire than I do with a GTX 580.

        I would say the mainstream cpu choice for UT3 would now be the i7 2600K, LGA1155. The higher end would be the LGA2011 version.

        AMD cannot even come close right now. They are currently 2 generations behind Intel and falling even faster behind.


          Originally posted by UTPlayer529th View Post
          What CPU? 10 character limit
          Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Kentsfield 2.66GHz LGA 775 130W Quad-Core

          Yeah, it's an oldie, but when i got it 6 years ago it was the flagship model and cost me a thousand bucks, so I have wanted it to really last (to appease my guilt at the expensive purchase if nothing else). Still to this day, nothing I do on my home PC other than UT3 pushes this too much.