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IMPORTANT: Discussion meeting upon UT3 players!

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    IMPORTANT: Discussion meeting upon UT3 players!

    There will be an important meeting for all North American, or any UT3 players interested.

    The meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 10th, 2012, 11 PM EST. We will be discussing:
    • The Future of UT3
    • New ideas for competitive maps
    • League discussion
    • Ways to promote the game
    • More server support
    • Bringing back old players
    • New mutators to make the game better

    The community, North American especially, needs to be brought together to discuss on how to bring the game back to life. Back in June 2011 - November 2011 the North American community had a very strong duel community, enough to have a decent tournament. Now, I must add, please add your xfire names, or steam names, if wanted to participate

    The event discussion will be held in IRC, considering not everybodyhas a microphone.

    1. Download MIRC or Xchat
    2. Connect to
    3. Make a nickname
    4. type /join #UT3
    5. idle
    6. Discussion will begin at 11:00 PM!

    Remember that the channel we are using is #UT3. We will not be using globalgamers since most new users are required to register their nicknames, which is a confusing process <--------------For users who do not want to download an irc client

    Thank you,

    I like that idea, and I like it, that there are still people who want to keep this game alive.
    I am looking forward to this (:


      Bumping this thread up^


        Fantastic idea! I hope this leads to something interesting!


          i sort of like the idea, though i'm afraid it won't lead anywhere very unfortunately ...

          I don't wanna be the "pessimistic guy" but just i'm being realistic tbh. We discussed this soooo many times here in EU and i guess you too in usa. We ALL more or less know what we need/what would be nice, it's just nowhere near, or at most: most likely not, to happen.
          That's relevant and interesting points u listed in your first post np, but beating the dead horse again and again i think, will lead nowhere apart some "if only this or that".
          • The Future of UT3 => We all know what will happen unfortunately apart if some incredible deus ex machina comes in.
          • New ideas for competitive maps => I think we have all the maps we want, and even more.
          • League discussion => ESL ut3 (EU) just has been closed (not deleted actually, it's in sleep as long as sthg might happen) due to lack of contenders
          • Ways to promote the game => Just like other games actually. Best option is streaming good matches (though u need to attract ppl with it, which is the most difficult)
          • More server support => yep it's obvious, question is always "who will pay for it and how long will it last"?!
          • Bringing back old players => According to each case it can be easy (for a short period of time) or extremely hard without motivation, it's all about that.
          • New mutators to make the game better => I had very good expectation tbh with Loezix work about XT, but i'm afraid (i don't get news anymore ((( ) that it died too, can't blame him as it seemed a lot of work to handle.

          I don't wanna be the spoiler guy (sorry if it seems like it, really) but i think this subjects even if still relevant to interest, have been overstated and the discussion will lead to those fews chars sentences more or less.

          Sad but true, the real thing we would need is $money$ and direct "Epic support":

          - A weekly-zotac-like-cup as for quake live would defo bring back players (as long as money is there, no more $$, bye bye). I'm not a quake live specialist but i think ZOTAC maintained ql alive (duel wise at least) since months and months and months litterally. Because ppl would SEE and eventually PLAY with pro or semi pro players on a weekly basis. So, they had to train etc keeping outside cup aspect of the game alive. For proof, i want to show what is happening now. Pro players are going for shootmania and even if zotac still provide 100€ prize for winner, no more quakecon, iem, dreamhacks class players are attending zotac, resulting in drop of sign ups and drops on stream viewers. They still like the game, they just go where money is.

          So if i would be you (i'm not), i would put most of your points listed (that i insist, still relevant) on a secondary concern and would put some of the following above all:

          1) How could we, community wise, generate money to organize an at least monthly duel cup with money prize?
          (Implicitly thinking of everything it will imply: motivation,so-> players come back->training of them, generating offcup activity and so on).

          2) How could we take the MOST of this state of fact (prize money cup)?
          (streaming it and spreading it, keeping it alive (who said good commentatorz?) and make it valuable).

          3) Could we get by any ways some direct help from Epic?
          (We could dream of Epic saying: "Ok we appreciate the initiative and we are offering you 10-15€ at least each months for your cup". I mean, it's a RIDICULOUSLY LOL LOW amount of money regarding Epic worldwide size company.
          What would it imply? This:
          -A solid and regular "basis" of money for a cup.
          -On the other Hand, it would implicitly shows to everyone's sight that Epic is still caring of their game, even after years of release. It would also restore some faith in them by a part of their customers. 1 rock 2 birds. That is a **** poor investissment for imho, a good "marketing operation".

          Some months ago (well more than a year actually) i thought to that. How generate money community wise? I wanted to take profit of the "fileserve-like" payment system by downloaded link. (i think fileserve's down now anyway, so)

          You could not provide mods/mutators/maps as u would take profit out of the creators. Whatever, fill up a 500mega copyright free file and download it. Spread the link, make your friends or who ever u want download the link. the more downloads, the more money. Someone TRUSTY gathers and pays the cup winner. Ye, i know the amount of money would be lol low, but it was a depart in the $$ gathering. Also a "donate" Paypal system process would help.
          It all lies on ppl/ ut3 community motivation and would show if the game could really be saved or if we could let it zombying barely far away to its grave. That's perfectly realistic and doesn't need so much efforts.

          here are my 2 cents (that's some fkn big 2c i know), just i think it could help to consider the hidden part of the iceberg and not the other part =) .


            Thank you for your mind of thought, Lonewolf. I was considering not a weekly but a monthly type of Zotac-like cup for ut3 in the americas. Maybe $40-$80 a month in prizes would bring back old players? Also Streaming the events would help.

            But nonetheless, I am still holding a chat meeting Tuesday night to discuss what is on our minds.


              bumping and HOPE this leat too new maps


                Have you posted this in the UT3 forum?
                I havent been in irc for a long time but its an excuse to meet up with some game buds.
                I havent been playing UT3 for a while, not because of lack of interest, I am fullblow UT-unreal guy, just doing other things for now.
                But we need to work the gaming crowd you should pass the word along wherever you can.


                  Lol future


                    Originally posted by jomi294 View Post
                    Lol future
                    You may laugh, but changes are coming.


                      get some smaller team CTF games going, 4vs4 or something. Why is CTF so dead in UT3? HOLP style maps are the way to go, the less map filesize to download the better.


                        Originally posted by Ron Paul 2012 View Post
                        get some smaller team CTF games going, 4vs4 or something. Why is CTF so dead in UT3? HOLP style maps are the way to go, the less map filesize to download the better.
                        CTF was never popular in UT3. However, it's pretty easy to get a good 3v3 or 4v4 game going if you ask people. But I wish it was as easy to get a pug going like it is in #2k4ctf or ut99 ctf.


                          Reminder that discussion is happening around 11:00 pm tonight at #ut3!


                            I'll let the guys in my clan know.

                            We've had several IG CTF tournaments. One was very successful and the others kind of fizzled out.



                              Originally posted by NovaZzZ View Post
                              You may laugh, but changes are coming.
                              Changes like incrementing the 5 player userbase I hope