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    New To Development.

    Hello everyone,

    I have a mix team of developers, from experienced, to new college grads.

    I have made a decision to use the Unreal engine because of the dev tools.
    They outrank Hero, Cryengine, and few of the others. For many reasons.

    However, since most of my developers are scattered around the world.
    I need to create a repository of sorts,
    where we can all work on the same world.
    And see each of our additions.

    Though this is not like the Hero engine where it can have multiple workers working side by side,
    I;d like to know how to make it we all have the same version everytime launch.

    Can anyone explain, or link me an url that shows how to set this up.

    Thanks Evilmincer.

    Start here

    - coz your in the wrong forum

    - Then get you team on the telephone/ skype/ facebook/ IRC's and any other program you can get that will connect you to your pals - even a blog will do
    - create a dropbox for you Published work.
    - prefarably pay for drop box and have unlimited space.

    - have 2 installs of UDK
    - one for the whole team/ one for personal use
    * put one UDK into open access for all users
    - get some remote access on the go for the team leader

    - be coordinated/ responsible / and organised

    - you will have many problems with this
    most of my developers are scattered around the world.
    * different time sclaes/ different activities/ different project jobs and different real life actvities;
    - i would choose a local team and can the global idea- there are plenty of people who can develop near u

    - its july now - so good luck and see you in 2 years


      In case of using UT3 assets, you should stick to UT3 not UDK. (not allowed to reproduce assets from UT3 to UDK - illegal). A Total conversion (TC) is allowed/legal.

      Regarding repository:
      There are several restrictions to online repositores. Some are space limited, others have a limited access and other only allow public repositories. I came accress several online services. I would suggest one of these:
      - Google Code
      - Assembla
      - Bitbucket
      - Github

      Dropbox (or any other online cloud service) is the last place i would upload the development code/files --> no revision control.

      Get your self an online webspace (or server) and add a project management system. Free ones: Redmine, Projectpier, Collabtive. Add a bug tracking feature and the source repository in order to manage the development. In case of wrting unrealscript code, use an IDE like nFringe, which is helpful to inspect existing code.
      To ensure everyone is using the same version, they need to update everytime the repo when they're going to work on the code/maps. Some files of UT3 and UDK will be changed at runtime, so it's marked as "outdated" but you don't need to update such files. In order to prevent such issues, add ignores on the repository.

      Create batch files to start your game/TC. UT3 will use the profile folder at default. This is not recommended for a repository. Start your UT3 instance with the "-nohomedir" command line argument.


        Just found the best one. Https://

        Thanks for your help all.