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[Help] UT3 Characters

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  • [Help] UT3 Characters

    So, i was checking the characters i've got and i noticed i'm missing two "default" characters, which are Kana and Nova, who are supposed to come with the patch4 or 2.0, afaik. Since i unistalled the game and reinstalled some months ago (never noticed i was lacking these two till now) i thought it could be that i installed the titan pack and immediately after the patch 2.1, jumping patch 2.0. But it wasn't, since i tried to install first the patch 4, then 5, and it still doesn't work.
    Not a big deal but i'd like to try Kana
    I've searched on ini files and it really isn't installed, BUT on My Documents folder. It is installed on the C:\Programs\ folder..
    Anyone here knows the problem? Is it possible that a custom character overlays a default one? Or can someone simply put here a link to download or something?

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    Try going into the console and typing 'unlockallchars' and see if that helps. UTCustomChar.ini (in the My Documents area) has all the character settings. Suppose you could always try deleting that file and have the game re-create it.


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      Problem solved: It seems using UT3 Tweaker's option "Unlock all body parts" was, somehow, disabling Kana and Kana's parts.. It works now but can't use mixed characters.. Oh well, Thanks