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    This may be true. It could be they just realize that the current trend just doesn't allow for a success of a new U- or UT-game.


      QUOTE=Sly.;30493462]This may be true. It could be they just realize that the current trend just doesn't allow for a success of a new U- or UT-game.[/QUOTE]

      Exactly, well said Sly!


        *In B4 Mark Rein waltz in*

        "Two Weeks"


        As much as I want a new UT I don't want a UT that takes from the GOW design philosophy like UT3 did, I want them to base it off the UT2004 \ Unreal Championship 2 design philosophy.

        Despite UT3 looking impressive graphically, to me the game felt too heavy and even tiresome at some point, its like most maps felt the same place after playing for awhile tho I don't care for competitiveness and all that "pro" wannabee attitude a lot of people seem to prance about nowadays UT to me needs to make my blood boil, has to be stylish, fast and furious and needs to really feel its set in 2291 and beyond.
        Basically it needs something most games nowadays lack... Magic.

        Magic as in how games used to make you feel something special and games hooked you in an unexplainable manner, where you would look at the clock and say "****! its 3am already" games that you could always find a way to talk about it in any conversation you had your buddies.

        Don't get me wrong I love UT3 even made a few maps for it but somehow it didn't captivate me like its predecessors, still play it every now and then and yes please Epic despite how little interest you may believe people have on a new UT game man up you are the ones prancing around about that certain "1 Billion Dollar franchise" surely it ain't a monetary risk and only you guys have the power to truly make something unreal that we all can hope and live for.
        Whatever Epic does is sure to be amazing just don't forget us here still dreaming about Unreal and Unreal Tournament.

        That being said I'm really excited about Unreal Engine 4 those UED improvements are ****ing amazing from a development pov, not to say all the technical advancements and surely Unreal Engine will keep enabling everyone to make and play the best games out there.

        I know some of you might read this and wonder wtf?! But I still show the love for this community when possible and hope everybody to do the same.

        No matter what your favorite Epic Game is we are all Epic Gamers each and everyone of us remember that.



          VoodooMaster, the beginning of your post made my day. lol

          I agree with a lot what you said there, UT3's feel was heavy, when jumping you felt like a bag full of bricks, same for dodging. Walking speed was slower. The overall design was dark, dull and thus boring, it was more oriented on realism in some maps (Downtown didn't really seem like those cities in UT99 to me, Coret was the only map that came close to this feeling, where were the hovercars, the dirty feeling, metal supports everywhere, buildings built on pillars, that cramped feeling of lack of space where they built buildings on building and sent a high speed train through buildings?). Face wasn't in space anymore, that was a major turn off for me to even play UT3 Face as much as I used to play UT99 Face (and partially UT2004 Face, although I think the latter one was waaaay too big and a hitscan fest), where was the Hyperblast battleship, where was a map that was settled on our beloved Na Pali with its unreal colourful sky and tropical alien look and huge cliffs, where was the Skaarj technology? Heck, it was the first Unreal game without any Skaarj technology and Skaarj at all (Kralls are no replacement, they are not nearly as bad@$$ as Skaarj, way too easy to kill in Unreal other than that their animation is unfair and makes it too hard to hit them) such as it was the first Unreal game without bright colourful skies with yellow, blue, violet and red light mixed in one skybox! I missed the "unreal creativity" in this game, not saying the environments were not pretty at some part, but I think most were settled in too realistic environments. Originally, Deck 16 was a spaceship carrying biowaste - hence Deck 16, you guys can look up Liandri archives. All the spaceships in UT3 had the same style other than that: black, grey, some little yellow lights. "Meh, that's boring, where was the variety!?" was my initial reaction on that.
          Oh, and desaturation. Kudos to 100GPing100, without his ini colour tweak some would still have to suffer under that desaturated look. lol

          As much as I love UT3 and as much as I respect it as an Unreal title, it drifted apart from the Unreal style some of us got so used to and I would be more than happy seeing a comeback of this style in a new UT or Unreal (preferably Unreal, whether it may be an Unreal 3 with UT multiplayer mode or a U1 remake, I don't care, but there is so much untold in the Unreal Universe, we still don't even know where the Skaarj are from and how exactly the Human-Skaarj war was, we just had a glimpse of it (AS-FallenCity, AS-Acatana, AS-Mothership, etc.) in UT2004) - that is when the time is right.


            Speaking as a relative newcomer to the Unreal series, I can only really comment on UT3, but I have played almost every night for over a year, on either epic warfare US or Europe!
            To me, gameplay is 90% and looks, history, feel & everything else is 10%.
            My heart pounds on a full war server, with well balanced teams! I'm lost in the action sometimes for hours!
            I do still appreciate the UNREAL legacy, and realise how much this means to some people. As a big fan of epics early hit jazz Jack Rabbit, I look forward to an Unreal multiplayer release using UE4.
            tnx Sly, Voodoo & all for keeping the dream alive!


              Nothing to thank for. Btw, a JJ3 would be nice too, when I saw the UDK iOS JJ demo, I had hopes for a part 3...
              At least, such little things show they do not forget about their old games.


                I'm fine with UT3 splash damage and weapon feel it just felt heavy even when I pick up UT99 it still feels heavy in comparison I even prefer the weapon feel of UT3 for the most part, vehicle handling too.

                But like I said several factors accounted for me not feeling captivated by it as much as any previous title, a perfect UT would be a balance between UT3 and UT2 but for the most part UT3 gameplay is ok but feels like something is missing.

                Warfare Level design was poor for the most part, some maps are nothing but a rape fest and the Titans made it worse while Deathmatch felt the best of all gametypes from a gameplay perspective, it feels like everything was originally tailored to DM then everything else was thrown on top of it for other gametypes.

                Design wise I still prefer that UT2 style and variety I think a mix of both styles would be alright but they need to put the Tournament back in the game.

                As far Ballistics goes if you mean Ballistic Weapons from Runestorm those were great for UT2004 the final version kicks *** but in order to make sense you need a proper combination of map layouts (and vehicles for ons, vtf, etc), not that I'd replace the awesome stock weapons with Ballistic permanently but for a weekend mash up BW was great.

                COD is great too that's why it sells 18 million but I would rather have UT be a distant yet pleasant memory then be turned into COD wannabee nÂș 22.


                  I hope they make it - UT4


                    Design wise I still prefer that UT2 style and variety I think a mix of both styles would be alright but they need to put the Tournament back in the game.

                    I should have mentioned in this sentence I meant visually, UT needs more visual diversity.


                      Forget UT4, what i want to see is Unreal 3.