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Anyone's up for Campaign MP?

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    Anyone's up for Campaign MP?

    Particularly I'm looking for people from around the Europe, preferably with decent English skills. Otherwise both parties would have huge ping issues, which would make the game unplayable both for you and for me. And if you don't mind teleporting - I do mind if you teleport, so don't say "I don't mind ping". :P

    It'd be best if you'd PM me your Steam Profile link.

    P.S. I'm looking for more than one person, so do respond even if this post is month old. I might not be playing UT3 at the time though, but hey - it's a game that's worth reinstalling a couple of times.

    What's MP? The only thing I can think of is Mulitplayer, but then you could just use the server browser to find games!


      I can't find a single server without a bunch of unknown mutators that has players, that's the problem basically. That has <100 ping of course.

      Besides, I'm looking into playing the campaign on Insane difficulty.


        Ah. Yeah the servers are quieter these days.

        Maybe I'll join you on insane mode. I play the odd map whilst the warfare server is full. The evil dark walker map has me beaten so far - since you can't get in it on that difficulty, and outnumbered!


          Well, I finally finished the insane mode (in single player). It was good fun in the later rounds especially when Akasha turned up.

          The majority of maps were won first time - especially non-TDM.

          The most difficult was the TDM with the dark walker, since it is locked on Insane mode so only the opponent could get in and once they did it was all over with their perfect accuracy! In the end I had to fight off the bots whilst damaging it before they got it. Still took 10+ attempts!

          The other really difficult one was Torlan with the Leviathon. The enemy has 2-3 more of their team and the bots were morons! sitting in base in the Levi. There's no fast movement on the map - particularly for your teamm8s so it really was a case of doing everything yourself. In the end I managed to secure the middle with the Levi and got a couple of bots to sit in whilst I attacked. Slowly forward (and then back constantly...). This was the only map that I had to use a card on (+ 2 players on my team).

          Akasha seemed a lot more intelligent than the other bots. In CTF matches she seemed to move faster and even started jumping on, then off lifts to stop me getting on them like a seasoned pro would do. Really impressive.

          The final match was tense... I took a big lead only for her to catch up. At 19-17, she got the damage amp and I tried to escape for its duration but it ended 19-19. I then saw her by the RL, I tried to back off and got stuck in the wall and she spammed flak in my face leaving me on 17 health. She was then running straight at me, flak in hand as bots do, but before she managed her second shot I managed to fire a rocket into her face. It took me a second to realise whether I'd won or lost. Great finish to the game.

          If anyone wants to test themselves, the dw and torlan Levi maps where by definitely the ones to try. Can the torlan one be done without the card!?

          Challenge set!


            I'm ready to play my Steam


              If your still looking for new players count me in just one thing I can't play this and next week because I have exams