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New VCTF server up and running.

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    Originally posted by oldskool0482 View Post
    i wish utcomp would work with vctf but there is a glitch with it with deemers and a couple of other things. When utcomp runs with deemers on there is a glitch that gets like unlimited deemer uses. I'd like to have it just for the hit sounds.

    I aslo am thinking of putting bta on there as well, yes/no?
    bta yes yesyes


      Ok Server is back up and running, redirect should work as well. I'll be in and out of it all night tonight if anyone wants to join


        Awesome server Oldy!
        My ping is fantastic! I'll be playing tonight if anyone is around.
        And thanks for the server Oldy!


          Was having fun on your server tonight, till my comp crashed on me...


            Ohh boo was wondering what happened to you bro . To bad it turned out to be a pretty good game too. ggs until next time bro!


              now trying server.

              edit:ffs flame and alex are in there and i get connection fail. sad face. maybe after they change map i hope.

              edit again: was able to join afterrestarting my machine, and then nero shows up, and fun is had, until we all vote plateau, derp. and none of us have it.
              flame pings 130 from the uk which i think is good i get like 180 to a few euro servers but that's pretty extreme for playability for me. even though i got my first online FLaG cap under similar conditions.

              server runs fine for me!