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Invasion or Assault server?

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  • Invasion or Assault server?

    I'm a huge UT fan since 2004.
    I'm playing UT3 now for a long time now, and it is really nice.
    But I'm missing Assault and Invasion from 2k4.
    Those had been my favorite.
    That's why I'm askin you if there are some active servers with Assault or Invasion.
    I had one time an Assault mod, but I didn't know if it was real or fake, there were no servers for it.
    And some time ago there was an Invasion server in TDM, but I don't find it anymore.
    If there aren't servers for it, do you know, if the players in UT2k4 are still active?
    Thank you =)
    - PhoeniX

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    These were two awesome gamemodes that epic should not have removed. (But I am even more pissed that Epic removed adventure play from UT99 and it's sequels, even though you can get a mod for ut99 called oldskool amp'd)

    You can find mods for it, but none of the Invasion mods are up to standards, and I dont know if there is an assualt mod.

    The reason why you probably cant find any servers is because no one uses them unfortunately.


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      Assault mod wasn't a fake lol, but it's currently impossible to host or join an online server.

      I played several times on a ut3 invasion server but I do not know if there is still. Search the mod on forum and check if the server is operational.


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        Sometimes Islander warfare feels like assault. This is being played every night. Join in and vote that map.