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Interesting Glitch on Epic 2 Torlan, 17Mar12

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    Hahaha **** I really miss this game. I still have a nice orb hammer jump on Downtown I don't think anyone else knows. Looking forward to pwning again in a couple of years hopefully \o/


      Ooooo SS, it's nice of you to remember I am pùß. I have hated Razer for so long I almost forgot myself . And yet I keep playing with my Mamba wired/wireless mouse with battery that lasts for 3 hours of UT3 playing (which is so not enough for me!). Occasionally disconnects and is incompatible with the same brand Destructor mat. Go figure. Hey! Anybody wants a one day used mat that is probably compatible with every other brand but its own? The box might be a bit dusty but hey!, the mat comes in its own casing that you can do so much stuff with like lets see, let it collect dust for the rest of it's miserable life since it's so pretty and you don't have the heart to throw it away? And is the sole reason for the mat to be so fricken expensive? They also have a great marketing which...

      ... rumbling fades away ...


        Originally posted by ummie4 View Post
        Dickbirdicus when ever you have a weird question about anything warfare related leave it to the puB guys to answer. They know how to do everything. Infra showed me how to the deemer on islander without a raptor. Barr knows how to get tank up in prime on DT lol. Wipes knows how to get even the quietest player to engage in a flame war via in game text. Hinter can teach you the torlan glitch.

        Im not busting on you guys really its all in good fun
        But seriously its not good to share the torlan one. Bubble barrr and i worked it out on a private server, with the sheriff spying on us. Think its ok for an admin to know this because you should get kicked for doing this on official servers imo, unlike the tank in dt its a little different....
        That seems to be interestingly true. MidniteWarrior is a known glitch finder and figured out something in Avalanche recently and Tricky... lets just say he's at a different level than the rest of us.