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Gaming Keyboards, and Ghosting

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  • Gaming Keyboards, and Ghosting

    I'm on my second brand, but 3rd mechanical keyboard due to Ghosting. So far, the Corsair K60 seems to be best, although it's only been 6 days. The last KB was a Steelseries 6Gv2 and the brand-new RMA replacement was a 7G (ty Steelseries for sending me a brand new KB

    With the Steelseries it seems there were more problems than with this Corsair. I was experiencing problems like the ingame console key = 'Tab' constantly being activated (which is why I'm bringing this to a thread.) I use WSAD for movement and i keep weapon-bound-keys close to those movement keys, so weapon bound keys would automatically pop up without even touching the key.

    Now, on my 3rd keyboard from a second brand I am beginning to think there is no solution other a than diode activated keyboard which I hear are very expensive.

    Question: So, what else is there that I can do or be done to alleviate the problem?

    The biggest problem is the 'Tab' key being activated: the bound weapon keys are a big problem too but I have a crappy idea how to fix that.

    Answer: unbind the 'Tab' key - "yaaaaaay" but no, it cannot be unbound, "booooo" ... or can it, UT3 community? I think it's the only key that cannot be unbound, am I wrong?

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    Originally posted by ws.iono
    Basically when I am pressing the 'W' key moving forward, the 'Tab' key will activate. And ws.iono, what happens when you press your 'Tab' key? For me, the ingame console comes up. So when I'm moving and dodging the key will randomly activate. Is that a little clearer?


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      You can change the type key (and console key) in your UTInput.ini file.
      But why is this key constantly triggered?


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        What do I type to unbind the 'Tab' key? TypeKey=none ?

        It's referred to as 'Ghosting' for lack of a better term, and from what I understand.


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          I did rebind the key to F1 and it hasn't randomly activated, ..yet! "yaaay!"

          Thanks for the help everyone


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            Ha, I binded this key to f10 a long time ago 'cause I kept hitting it on accident at the worst possible moments.

            Same with Killing Floor, too.


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              Got a brand new Steel Series 6Gv2 in from an RMA - thinking of selling it