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Unreal Tournament '99 is not dead!

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    Unreal Tournament '99 is not dead!

    Hello Unreal Tournament '99 fraggers!

    Please excuse us for this rather uncensored, shameless advertising message. I looked at your Forum Rules and Conduct and I didn't see an actual statement about Advertising, but correct me if I'm wrong.

    The thing is, we have a great game in common called Unreal Tournament '99 and we would like to keep the community alive.

    Since 2003 a website and a small community has been building up a great community for UT'99 players to get their matches played.

    Even today, almost a decade later, we still are going strong as one of the oldest games alive on, and with staggering numbers:

    Total active participants/teams: 121
    ( 74.23% overall )
    Total Team Members: 690
    Total Matches in current seasons: 4697
    Total Commulative Matches: 9086
    With game-styles like Sniper/Camping, InstaGib, Zark and Uzi, there is a lot of fun going on

    You can even create your own Ladder where YOU run the show. We do not interfere with Private Ladders unless they are inactive. Want a Normal Weapons Ladder or you haven't seen a game-style on our Public Ladder List? - Go ahead and create it! // A Community of gamers. For gamers - By gamers. At FraggedNation the leagues are all yours; We just do the paperwork.

    Just make sure you drop by and say hello on our forums, here: !

    Come join us at! Our UT'99 "homepage":

    Sincerely yours

    Game-Directors from Unreal Tournament '99 at,


    long live UT!!!


      Originally posted by Bl!tz~ View Post
      long live UT!!!
      Hell yeah!


        We're trying to bring more people in that also play other game-styles. Just a thought: If you want a normal weapons CTF Ladder for example, you can create it as simple as, and if you bring the people, I can help you with the know-hows from the website.

        We're not limited to Unreal Tournament only (also have UT3, UT2K4, and other games developed by Epic Games)


          I'm going to bring this up again. I wanted to let you know that there is a [US] 1v1 Freestyle ladder and hope you are interested to join. Also if you know someone that would be interested, let them know as well!

          Link to the ladder:

          Hope this is cool. If you need any help, I can help.


            I have to agree that it's awesome to see Unreal Tournament is still actively played. Such a shame the developers don't do much about it anymore.. (merchandise, etc.)



              Yea, it would be nice to have some goodies, OrangUtang!


                Unfortunately, I don't think Epic Games will do something for the fans after 13 years.


                  Meanwhile, another event appear!



                    So then, of course


                      Event going on now Today!
                      Server IPs:
             Server located in USA!

             Server located in UK!