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    Originally posted by |C| View Post
    Dasnaksta is a very easy going guy. He's originally from UT99. He doesn't play UT games as much as before. He plays other games besides UT3. If he played UT3 everyday like you do, he can be a good player.

    Your UT3 skills aren't that great either. When I used to play UT3 actively I remember your skills weren't the greatest, I thought you were trash.

    I'm pretty sure your skills have improved since then but it's probably because you play nothing about UT3.
    Lol, Seinfield. You're the first person I thought he might be. And right now I'm leaning that way a little more.

    Easy going guy? ahahahaha. yea right. Here's what I remember him (prob you) saying:

    "If the respawn protection times were shorter this wouldn't be a noob server." "Lol, that's funny." (after I sniped him three consecutive times) "Noobs." "Nothing but trash players." "You noobs." "Just give me time and I'll dominate that guy like I did before." (Talking about me I guess) "That's why I don't 1 vs 1 in this game. The sound is rediculous. You can hear your opponent from anywhere."

    Nothing but complaints and childish statements from this guy. Like ***.God, but with more complaining.

    I don't remember playing you when you were "active" in ut3. But I actually have played you in ut2004 quite a bit. When no one was playing UT3 I would play ut2k4 as "****_mouse." It's a dumb name, but I didn't care since it was so late and I was tired. I'd be playing ut2k4 now (since I work late), but I reinstalled windows and can't find my game cd's. So no, I play UT3 and UT2K4. Xmid got me into UT2K4 last year.