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XBOX LIVE - Achievements - Help Required

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    XBOX LIVE - Achievements - Help Required

    Hey folks,

    I'm not around these parts, but have been playing UT since 2004 so I'm not really new to the Unreal series.
    What I am looking for is players to help be get the full 1000 G's. I'm having problems trying to finish the game on Insane which is been bugging the heck out of me for a while. Would also love to try and get the Ranked Achievements done aswell.

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm free to play most of the time aswell.

    GT: Halfcrab

    Hahaha, I've gone as far as Akasha on Insane (PS3 version) but had to quit in frustration.

    Killing her once and feigning death behind a barrier didn't work, since she always found me five minutes later before the time would run out.

    I assume on the xbox you can crouch? You can probably crouch behind that barrier instead of feign death. Or, kill her once and **** your pants by trying to outrun her for 20 minutes.


      Yeah, that's an idea....BUT would be nice if I could reach that last section first. I've only reached Chapter 3 at the moment. Seems I can't get to the nodes and hold them before the another one of mine is taken. I try and the bots to defend to I can attack but it really doesn't make a difference. This is why I need Human players so we can use tactics an breeze through it.

      I find killing the bots on Insane is pritty easy it's just that the bots on my team are **** to say the least!

      Well, still needing some backup? Can I get any re-enforcements?