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Anticipating UT4 - Can Epic Games learn anything from the success of Team Fortress 2?

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    They should rather focus on what DOTA2 is doing atm, I don't recall TF2 having a 1.6 million dollar price pool tourney, with 5 million concurrent viewers watching it.

    Also that AI cameraman is amazing, frag movies that creates themselves. That's just plain awesome.


      One of the things they need to do is release UT4 or whatever they call it when it is actually completed.

      UT3 was released with some major bugs. One was the traveling bug. If you downloaded custom maps or content and then the next mapped loaded you couldn't travel or play the next map. That was a major problem. Especially when so many UT players want to play on servers with custom content. It took Epic almost a year and a half to fix that bug. By then UT 3 was a major failure compared to previous versions.