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A few questions! :)

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    A few questions! :)

    Hey UT community,

    I'm new to UT3 and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me

    First of all, I was wondering if it's possible to use user created maps with bots? I really love the ones on the official dueling servers, I'm not sure what the names are, (I know one is called Q3-Pro-1on1-Tourney or something though). I'm under the impression that I'm downloading them to access them on the server, but where are they stored and is it possible to access them in local games with AI?

    Also, how do I enable the "pinging" sound that occurs when your shot connects with a player, or is it even possible to do so? (I've noticed this on the official duel servers and I think it's in Quake?)

    Finally, I'm experiencing FPS spikes in huge battles (warfare and whatnot), would it be safe to say that increasing my ram from 2gb to 4gb would fix this?

    Thanks a lot!

    Yes, it is not only possible, but guaranteed.

    Of course, if you create maps yourself, be sure to create sufficient bot paths.

    Regarding the pinging sound, I have no idea. I think UT3 has a good visual feedback system to allow you to see if your shot connected or not. Quake, on the other hand...

    More RAM would help, but not so much if you have a crappy CPU. This game relies on the CPU more than anything.


      The ping or clunk sound you want comes from a mutator. Some servers run the mutator on their side, I'm sure you can also run it on your own machine for single player as well.

      What's it called.... ****... let me look that up for you.

      Oh right, this is going to be a feature in lots of mutators, usually called "hitsounds" or something like that. This one for example.

      You can find others with search no doubt.


        UTComp includes the hitsound.


          What are the specs for your system, then we would have a better chance of helping you out with the spikes.

          Their are tons of mutators so having a hit sound is somewhere in this site lol.

          You can play user created maps with bots just pick any created map in the full release section and have at it.



            Regarding your second question, it's possible to play user created maps with bots (offline) as long as the maps have good bot paths. You can find the maps in the game's cache folder for XP C:\Documents and Settings\"Your username"\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Cache. And you might want to use this utility to have access to them in offline matches UT3 Cache Cleaner.

            Hitsound is available using some Mutators, UTComp is one as well as ZeroPing Instagib. I believe normal Instagib rifle has it already.