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"You have been forcibly removed from the game. Banned CD key." - HELP!

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    "You have been forcibly removed from the game. Banned CD key." - HELP!


    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, these forums look pretty inactive so I thought I'd post this in General, feel free to move if needs be!

    I tried to join an official dueling server, just now, and it kicked me after a while of running around (I was learning the map, I bought UT3 3 years ago, didn't play it much and I've only just re-installed it yesterday, so I don't know any of these new maps (DM-Q3ProTourney1on1 and whatnot)) with the reason "You have been forcibly removed from the game". This confused me, so I re-joined the server, and then it said "You have been forcibly .. etc "Banned CD key""?

    I don't understand, my key isn't illegal, why am I banned from the official servers? D:

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

    Hello and welcome to the official Epic forums

    Is this you?:

    Record matched:

    BAN ID 10231
    Ban Status: active
    Servers affected: all
    Banning admin: helgar
    Reason for Ban: Perp1exity TempBan 7 Days abusive
    Ban set: Fri Jun 10 10:20:20 2011
    Number of hits: 1
    Latest matching actions:
    10231 duel1ut3: 2011-06-10 11:11:07 - Perp1exity - Perp1exity_TempBan-7-Days-abusive
    10231 epic|war2: 2011-06-10 09:20:20 - Perp1exity - Perp1exity_TempBan-7-Days-abusive

    I think you should ask there: