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    looks like if your problem is more related to ur connection than to UT3 itself...did u try to uninstall ur av (not unactivate but complete desinstall)?


      Hi Bl!tz,

      I'm in the process of doing that now.

      It's just really funny how I can't download these files from my Girlfriends laptop as well.

      And I get the same connection issue with unreal from her laptop.

      I'm running XP and she's running Win 7.

      I'm starting to think it is the router but I can download loads of other files from other websites and even torrents.

      If ANYTHING was going to be blocked I would imagine that would.

      Now un-installing every trace of norton and unreal from every location on my PC.

      This really makes no sense.

      A good test would be using someone else's internet.

      Thanks again for your help.

      I'll keep you updated.

      This issue has now bested 2 VERY good engineer friends of mine.

      A shiny new donkey is still on offer for the one that provides a solution!!


        sure if u can try to plug ur gf's lappy in someone else's internet u ll know more about ur router...
        i know how frustrating theses s***s are


          Hi Lucifer, welcome to the GameSpy Bermuda triangle! glad to hear your diving into ut3
          your issues are not uncommon, unfortunately. from my experience, so far, GameSpy accounts don't seem to behave the same way for everyone. the different problems & reasons/solutions for them are something of a minefield.
          1st question, is your ut3 retail boxed, or steam DL? I'm using steam download, so It's automatically patched & up-to-date. I'm guessing you're retail boxed?
          I have experienced the 'online service unavailable' issue, a couple of times, but that's over 6 months or so, and only for a few minutes, thankfully (when the message warning appeared, I just clicked to play multplayer/online anyway & it connected to the in-game server browser list, instantly) .
          however I'm constantly frustrated by the infamous 'duplicate login detected' several times a day, nearly every day that I play! It turns out, that some in-game settings, are stored online, as part of your GameSpy profile, (I'll find the post that address this) so when a 'dup log' error occurs for me, my settings are often messed up too! (but not always)
          like yourself & many ut3 players, I'm an IT techy, so ISP issues, machine & router settings etc, have been checked & double-checked already! So what is it about GameSpy profiles, that seem to behave fine for most, & become a nightmare for a few?
          Does location make a difference? I'm in the UK.
          Does time of day make a difference? I tend to play on US servers evening time (night-time in the UK, as I work nights) are GameSpy servers overloaded at peak times?
          There are other threads exploring these problems, so I'll just add that re-installs of OS, UT3 game, driver updates/downgrades may crack the problem, it's just having the time & patience to carefully troubleshoot your way through. I'll update with any useful info ASAP. maybe sensible person could send you the patch download? (like Sly?)

          p.s I've nearly given up on ut3 many times, because of GameSpy profile madness. keep trying & hopefully it'll allwork out


            It's alive, It's ALIVE!!!!!!!!

            It's alive, It's ALIVE!!!!!!!!

            Thanks for all your help!

            You've come up with some great suggestions that have helped a lot.

            Especially {DCS} Matrix, although I could not complete a download of the patch, always failed at 174mb, thanks for sorting it out anyway.

            The Titan patch actually failed at different points at 4 different download locations from the official list in the forum.

            I finally managed to download it from the 5th server I tried.

            Thank you Jetpack_Jack for your wonderfully detailed post. Lot's of good info there and some inspiring words!!! Couldn't give up after reading that .

            I have a boxed edition of UT3, one of the few games I've ever bought for PC as I don't play many games anymore.

            As I mentioned it all seems pretty random symptoms wise but I think I've made a breakthrough!

            I found a DIRTY trojan which norton and a variety of other scanning programs missed, which I found by hand, picking through many, many fiiles.

            It must of backdoor'd in sometime after going online with unreal the other week.

            Pretty strange trojan as it's only been attacking UT3 and UT3 related downloads as I've managed to download a variety of other files from a variety of servers across the globe.

            I think the trojan was not activating properly or it really doesn't like UT3 judging by it's behaviour.

            Strange eh?

            Anyway, Solution seemed to be.

            Un-install UT3 for the 50th time.

            Pick through the registry and clean up any mess.

            KILL, KILL, KILL the trojan!!!

            Make stupid norton learn how to block it, bad norton!!!

            Re-install UT3 with every program off.

            Run Patch.

            load and install key.

            Check online status, now logging in, woop!

            Install Titan pack.

            logon to a Greed game, get massacred by BIG scary things within seconds of spawing! lol.

            I did take one out by the end of the game but it was 139 - 2 ( not in my teams favour!)

            Everything is right with the world again and I can play warfare online, yeah!

            A big thanks again to everyone who actually replied, I was starting to worry that no one would.

            Thank you for taking the time.

            At least the problem was not too embarrassing for me as my two mates who had a look were foxed by it and are supposed to be better engineers! Ha!

            hope to see you all online for some fragging good fun, I'll be the one making PANCAKES, mmmmmmm, Pancakes.........................