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    UT3 coop campaign

    I was wondering how can i play online the campaing with friend. Do we need a patch or something at first? And if yes can i have the link?

    Yes, you both need the same patch version of the game.

    If you have the Steam version, it will automatically be updated to the latest version. If not, you can get the latest UT3 patch here:

    And also, I recommend the Titan expansion, which adds more levels and game modes:

    To play online co-op, first you must sign in with your Gamespy id. If you don't have one, you will be able to create one.

    Once you are signed in, go to the Campaign tab.

    Select New Campaign (or Continue Campaign if you have already started a campaign).

    Select skill level.

    And then select "start public game." If you are connected to the internet, your game will automatically publish to the server browser.

    In that case, all your friend needs to to is select Campaign, then Join campaign.


      Because i am a little stupid at this.. What's with the gamespy? You mean when you log at ut3 to create account?


        Originally posted by thomasthekiler View Post
        Because i am a little stupid at this.. What's with the gamespy? You mean when you log at ut3 to create account?


          he can't see me and i can't see him :/ we have router is that maybe a problem?


            Originally posted by thomasthekiler View Post
            he can't see me and i can't see him :/ we have router is that maybe a problem?
            Try direct ip joining. You can find the ip address by typing "windows comnmand processor" in the search index located by clicking on the windows button on the lower left (if you have vista or win 7).

            Next, type "ipconfig /all" in the command prompt. (Without quotation marks)

            A big list of of data should pop up. Scroll up near the top, and look for "ipv4 Address". Write down the address (it should be something like XXX.XX.XX.XXX) and give it to your friend to connect to your game directly. If it works, hooray!

            If that does not work, have your friend open the windows command processor and type "ping XXX.XX.XX.XXX" where the X's represent your ip number. Omit the quotation marks.

            The resulting information will tell you whether or not your friend can connect to your computer.

            If the test indicates success, then the problem lies with Unreal Tournament 3 and something with it's port forwarding. After this point, it is beyond my experience to provide much more help. However, this link may provide good information:

            If the test indicates failure, then it problem lies with your network itself, which is also beyond my experience.

            As great as PC gaming is, I have to admit that all this looks like complicated **** compared to console gaming. I have always had problems with EVERYTHING, (big and small) when gaming on a PC.


              I set up some port forwards in my router for UT3 a while ago and was actually able to host a campaign and later non-campaign server for a bit. These are the ports that I noted for UT3 (some of them may be uneccessary):

              6500 - UDP
              7777 - UDP
              7778 - UDP
              7787 - UDP
              13000 - UDP
              27900 - UDP
              3783 - Both (TCP and UDP)

              I also had forwarded some ranges, but had to remove them because my router thought they were duplicates of a newer entry, which they weren't exactly... I don't remember the exact ranges, but if you forward 27000 to 27100 in both TCP and UDP, you should be more than OK. Also, the host should either add an exception for UT3, possibly specifying the afforementioned ports or just a general exception, in their software firewall. If that doesn't work, try having the host turn off their firewall, then have the other player turn off their firewall too if you can't get your game going after all that.

              You might want to close those ports in your router later, if you feel exposed.