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    UT3 editor question

    This may be a stupid question to ask, but in my UT3 manual under the Mods/Unreal Editor 3 section I read and quote as follow:

    "You can create characters, weapons, vehicles, pickups, full conversion mods, customisable items, or just about anything in the game. You get the full toolkit necessary to modify the game however you want."

    Do I read correct that the editor provides tools for creating all of these besides the map levels? It does go on to mention that for advanced users one can use popular 3D or audio tools to import into the game, but that sounds like an alternative... But now what if I don't have these tools, but still would like to create my own characters, weapons, vehicles etc and animate them to do a mod?

    I have googled it, and everything is related to external apps like 3DS max, Maya etc, so I am rather confused with this text in the manual not making sense at this point.

    Now before anyone points out the fact that if I want to create a custom weapon for example an AK47, UE3 wouldnt be able to do that, which I am fully aware of. Im simply looking to use the available UE3 assets, but perhaps break down the vehicles into parts and then mix and match parts to create something unique? Kinda like the custom MP player models within UT3 to choose boots, torso, arms, head etc.

    Also perhaps get to play with animations of the skeletons? Modify or create my own animations for the models?

    Most tutorials I seem to find on UE3 are based on creating maps or with Kismet, or creating particles, are these the only 3 tools within UT3 editor?

    Could someone please just shed some light on all the tools that I may not know and what all can be achieved within UT3 editor without any external apps?

    Thanks in advance!

    There are some ways you can get creative with what UT3 includes with installation, but there is a limit. You're not going to get any UT3 characters running on all-fours like a horse any time soon, for instance. You could change how some weapons or vehicles work or how players move through the levels with scripting. Whatever it is you do, it won't be too far from UT3 already offers. Most, if not all, of the UT3 content is fixed the way it is.

    You need third-party applications like 3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop, etc to really bring out the editing potential of UT3. Even then, you would need to create your own custom content in those applications and then import them into UT3 to give the game your own personal spin on it. And even then, you're still not going to get very far in creating a total conversion mod that does not have some of its roots in how UT3 works.

    You would need to choose another engine or game that's more open for that, like the Unreal Development Kit.


      Originally posted by Aldaron07 View Post
      You would need to choose another engine or game that's more open for that, like the Unreal Development Kit.
      Thanks, I am aware of UDK yes, Infact I would love to use it and create my own game, but I think a total conversion is completely too ambitious for me right now, as I am inexperienced with such a project, and wouldnt be able to recruit appropriate people for the cause... I have been keeping an eye on the modding scene for a fairly long time to see over ambitious people fail.

      So my idea is simply to just start of doing a mod for UT3, but more like a SP mod instead of a mutator, nothing too fancy, in fact using the current fixed assets is fine, just figured I'd perhaps get some flexibility to edit the assets too, but no big deal if I cant =] I have been mapping UT maps ever since UT99, so im not a complete newb lol, and I seem to do fairly well with UE3.

      I posted this in curiousity from what I read, figured epic may have created their own simple modeling tool with templates lol...

      Anyhow, do you perhaps know of any other tools that are included? Think somewhere I had read there is a speed tree tool as well...