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Thoughts about weapon customization.

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    Thoughts about weapon customization.

    So, I've been doing some thinking off and on for quite some time about the next evolution of Unreal (ie: Na Pali / not Tournament.) The weapons have had so many variants, so many abilities that have come and gone, how would you choose which variant to use, or what version would return in an official new Unreal?

    The best answer I could come-up with was to just do all of them.

    With a lot of Borderlands under my belt, and an awareness of the growing trend of progression and development being very popular in shooters these days, I considered the idea of scavenging Na Pali for weapon parts that you could then use to tweak and adjust the way your weapons functioned.

    You'd start out with the starter variant that would perform the basic functions of the weapon; the Razorjack would shoot out blades and have a rudimentary guidance system on it secondary, but you would find upgrade pieces that would change the way the primary or secondary work, or add a sight, or a silencer...

    These parts would come in varying quality levels, so you could find a mediocre version and be able to look forward to finding a high-end version, promoting the hunt for the best pieces that can help drive long-term SP and co-op gameplay.

    But, at the moment that's just a preface for what I'm thinking about at the moment, which is what variants for the different weapons there could be, and think this could become an interesting discussion as long as people are willing to open up and not just get locked into, "it has to be just like the original!"

    Some of these parts would necessarily need to be exclusive from each other, others could potentially stack.

    Dispersion Pistol:



    Primary Modifications:
    --Charge blast (hold the trigger for 2 seconds and the shot focuses several shots worth of power into a single blast)
    --increased knockback
    --stun (target is stunned for a moment after a shot, briefly clouding vision and making aiming difficult)
    --precision shot (the energy pulse fired is directed and focused by force fields, giving it higher damage to vital areas on a target. Lowers fire-rate)

    Secondary Modifications:
    --Nova (the combo now eats another 2 shots worth, but is more powerful)
    --Minefield (freeze the secondary cores in place to create traps)
    --Chain-blast (Combo explosions will set-off nearby cores as smaller combo blasts)
    --Burst-shot (fire a 3-round burst of cores)
    --Juggler (increase core radius and knockback)

    --Variable zoom scope
    --Singularity (gives the combo a black-hole effect that sucks its victims inward rather than outright exploding them. Purely aesthetic.)
    --Scorch (combo explosions leave whatever surfaces they hit burning with plasma energy for a few seconds)


    Flak Cannon:
    Primary Modifications:
    --increased projectile count but smaller shards
    --super-heated shards
    --increased ricochet count
    --tighter spread
    --wider spread
    --larger, slower and more damaging shards
    --chance to cause severe bleeding

    Secondary Modifications
    --directed shrapnel blast (shrapnel flies off in the original firing direction, rather than just up)
    --Bounce shot (secondary grenade acts like a Bouncer shot and can be ricocheted off walls, ceilings and floors before being detonated on-cue.)
    --Bouncing Bettie mine
    --Cannon Ball (charge-up the secondary and let it fly as a high-density, spiked ball that can tear clean through some enemies.)

    --Improved grip (improves handling, giving it a faster equip time and less kick when fired)


    Primary Modifications:
    --increased blade velocity for decreased fire-rate.
    --increased ricochet
    --increased fire rate

    Secondary Modifications:
    --Explosive shrapnel shot
    --Explosive juggler shot
    --Charge-up proxy-mine
    --Charge-up melee saw blade (think Gauntlet style between the 2 front blades and a wide, white-hot spinning saw blade in the middle, attacks are swipes and stabs that can deal heavy damage to most enemies)

    --adjustable zoom scope
    --lightweight materials (improves handling, making the weapon faster to raise, switch modes and swing as a melee weapon)


    Hunting Rifle:




    Whoops, you meant the Unreal series, not Unreal Tournament. In that case, full steam ahead, I say!

    I just had a really long essay explaining how unlocks, upgrades, etc are a complete sacrilege to UT.

    Anyway, as for your new weapon ideas, I like them. They remind me of Serious Sam craziness.


      Missed the essay, but I should mention that I'm generally very much against unlocks in competitive multiplayer, as well.

      MP with these going would likely have you choose from a set of equal power variants of each weapon, ie: you'd collect the ASMD in the map wherever it spawns, and when you pick it up it would be the variant you chose. This would allow players to use whichever version they wanted, but avoid the issue of "whoever has the most free time wins because he's got the best stuff."
      With set power level variants, the only trick then would be making sure that each available version was balanced for the others, which would likely be a bit of a nightmare.

      There would also, of course, need to a "pure" mode, where only the traditional weapon functionality was present.

      I'm thinking back to SS, UC2, as well as how crazy the weapons were when we first saw them.
      They seem to tame now in the wake of the absolute madness that Bulletstorm can bring. So yeah, there's a bit of Sam, a bit of UC2, a bit of Bulletstorm and even a little bit of Halo tossed in as a medley of spices onto the original legendary set of weapons.


        I like where this is going.