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[TUTORIAL] INI color tweak [PIC]

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    awesome settings!sad colors are gone
    thx for sharing

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    I tried to mix up my own postprocess material. It didn't work. So either you can only edit default settings (a good thing) or I did it wrong.

    As it stands it only allows colour tweaking, which is no problem when it comes to havign to worry about people abusing this to gain a major advantage.

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    I have saved my own utengine.ini for a look !... (and I ll modify properly mine) but for waiting.... I have tried yours and... Wow !! that's FABULOUS and refreshing the game !!! AWESOME !!!! Double Rainbow WAOOOOO !!!!! XD

    Thanks also for the tuto, you are really amazing !!!

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    Here are the files:

    (also in first post now)

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    Yes, I can upload the 2 files needed to have it without needing to do nothing, just note that the file that will come from this tutorial's values will have an agressive look in game.

    File'll be uploaded in 2 min.

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    Well i would tend to say, very good job, though, i'm afraid it's quite complicated for the average Joe, and well some ppl may don't want to bother with all of this .
    Dunno if u can create a file that contains those modif that ppl can paste, and just modify RGB value, well just sayin'.
    But nice discover man, gj again .

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    Images fixed. Please reply!

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    I'm going to PM Flak about that. This deserves to be a sticky thread!

    Thanks GPing!

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  • started a topic [TUTORIAL] INI color tweak [PIC]

    [TUTORIAL] INI color tweak [PIC]

    Please do not use this thread to express your anger because you don't agree with players changing this, create your own thread or use one of the many already existent.

    If you want to have your look in the first post:
    1. Compress the .upk and your Engine.ini
    2. Upload them to an uploading website
    3. Post the download link and 2 screenshot (one of the default look and one for the new look)
    4. Tell us a name for your configuration
    5. You're done, I'll then post it here under 'More Downloads'

    If you want more info on how to change the game's looking, here are some links for useful stuff:
    Custom Processing - Instructions and comparisons by Xyx

    Hi, in this tutorial I'll teach you how to change the look of the game, such has the color amount, remove desaturation and so on.
    You won't use any mutator or mod, and you'll be able to play online with this changes (I personally tested in official Epic servers and unofficial servers too).

    Here you have the files generated with this tutorial, note that you'll only be able to make it look like what you want if you read the tutorial.

    More downloads:
    Cr4zy's Colour Edit

    So let’s start:
    1. Start the Unreal Editor. To do this, you can go to 'Start>Programs>Unreal Tournament 3> Unreal Tournament 3 Editor'.
    If this does not exist, go to this page and follow its instructions.

    After opening the Editor wait while it opens (this can take a while).

    2. When the Editor has finished loading, a window called Generic should open automatically:

    if it does not open, click on the 'Open the Generic Browser Window' button:

    3. In the 'Generic Browser Window' and in the tab 'Generic' go to 'File>New...’ A window called 'New' will open.

    4. In this window the fields will be:
    Packages: ColorPackage
    Group: (Leave this empty)
    Name: ColorProcess
    Factory: PostProcessEffect
    After you fill the fields press the 'OK' button.

    5. Now in the packages box, look for the package that has the name that you gave in step 4, in this case the name is 'ColorPackage'. After you find it click on it.

    6. Double click the file that you can find inside and that has the name you gave, in this case 'ColorProcess'. A window called 'Unreal Post Process Editor: <file-name>' will open, if you want, maximize it, like I did. This is where we will change how the game looks.

    Now, let’s talk about what you can do here.
    Lets right click on the gray area, a menu will open with the following choices:

    Add in a MaterialEffect and connect the 'Out' of the 'SceneRenderTarget' node to the 'In' of the 'MaterialEffect'.
    Click the 'MaterialEffect' and under its properties in the 'MaterialEffect' tab change the field Material from 'None' to
    After that, in the PostProcessEffect tab change EffectName from none to
    This MaterialEffect will take care of the take damage direction that you get on the screen when you take damage, that is why the EffectName is HitEffect.
    If you don't want this indicator to show up when you're in game, just remove it.

    Let’s now Add in a MotionBlurEffect. Wait!! Don't pass this one, we are going to change it and you'll be able to turn it off in the video properties (with the latest patch).
    After adding in a MotionBlurEffect connect the 'Out' of the MaterialEffect to the 'In' of the MotionBlurEffect node.
    Select the MotionBlurEffect node and under its properties in the tab PostProcessEffect set EffectName to
    This is what will allow you to turn it off and on in the game's video settings, if you leave it blank it will ignore what you have in the settings.
    Now in the tab MotionBlurEffect set MotionBlurAmount to
    This will control the amount of blur that will be created, a smaller value equals less blur.

    Now add an UberPostProcessEffect. This node has everything in it, but since we want to be able to turn off MotionBlur without turning off the rest the motion blur effect has another node.
    Connect the 'Out' of the MotionBlurEffect to the 'In' of the UberPostProcessEffect node.
    Click on the UberPostProcessEffect and under its properties in the tab UberPostProcessEffect set SceneDesaturation to
    This will remove the desaturation, setting it to 1 will make the game black and white.
    In SceneShadows you have X, Y and Z. X is the red channel, Y is the green channel and Z is the blue channel. Changing the values will change the shadows' color; higher values will give the shadows more of that color.
    Let’s leave it at the default.
    In SceneHighLights you also have X, Y and Z. The letters are for the same colors as in SceneShadows since this is how the Engine has it set up. Changing the values will change how bright the colors are, a higher value will make the colors darker, while a smaller value will make then brighter. Let’s just make them all 0.3:
    In SceneMidTones we also have the 3 letters. The letters mean the same as in the other 2 fields. Changing the values of this field will change how the colors look. It will change if they can have lots of tones (for example, dark red and lighter red) or if they are more flat. A smaller value makes the colors more flat, while a higher value will make it more "dynamic". Don't put this value to high thought, or it may look a bit crappy.
    Lets just make them all 1.5:
    How did I find these values?
    Well, in this post, it was added +100 Vibrance and +50 Saturation to a screenshot. After analysing even more what the effects of the properties in UT3 were, I realised that the SceneHighlights property was like the Vibrance and that the SceneMidTones was like Saturation. Knowing this, I made a 'Rule of Three'.
    So, the normal value of Vibrance in a PC is 50, and we assume that 1 is the value of UT3 that corresponds to those 50. It was added 100 vibrance, so the end result would be 100+50=150. So here is what I got:

    Since 1/3 is an infinite number, it will slow the game if I use it, so I used 0.3 instead.
    Now, the normal value for the Saturation on the PC is 100. The default value for SceneMidTones is 1. To the edited image it was added a value of 50, so the new value is 150 for the PC. Here is what I got:

    Now back to the Editor.
    In the tab DOFAndBloomEffect set BloomScale to 0.30.
    Now in the tab DOFEffect just set MaxNearBlurAmount, MaxFarBlurAmount, FocusInnerRadius and FocusDistance to 0:
    This will remove the DOF effect (Depth of Field effect).

    This is how it looks like when finished:

    Save your package by going into 'File>Save...' in the generic browser while you have your package selected. Save it in the folder ".\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\" and save it has the name you gave it, should already be typed in by default, otherwise save it has ColorPackage.upk.

    9. Close the Editor and go to the folder "..\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\". Open the file UTEngine.ini with Notpad. Then go to 'Edit>Replace...'. In the first field paste:
    and in the second field paste:
    Note that the second field may be different if you gave another name to the package, it should be:
    After filling the two fields click on 'Replace All'. Close the 'Replace' dialog box and go to 'File>Save'. Close Notepad.

    You're done. Go play the game with more colour and no DOF.
    Sorry for the long post, but now you know what to change to get what you want.

    Please reply!

    Images uploaded with